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New Sartorius Picus™ 2 Electronic Pipettes

Picus™ 2 pipettes offer reliable performance, while also being kind to your hand. The unmatched ergonomic design not only reduces strain, but also helps to ensure reproducible results. Easily accessible pipetting modes and customizable programs for popular applications save you time in the lab. This combined with new connectivity features and Sartorius pipetting mobile app truly takes the productivity to the new level!

Sartorius Pipetting App

A must-have for all Picus™ 2 pipette users, the Sartorius pipetting app is your handy companion for sample preparation workflows and pipette management. To stay up to date, use the pipetting app to update your Picus™ 2 pipettes with the latest features. Whether you are a seasoned scientist or a novice in the field, this app offers accuracy and reproducibility for your liquid handling workflows.

Bringing Pipetting Productivity to a New Level

The app features an ever-growing database of configurable protocols that can be adapted according to your specific application. The app provides step-by-step guidance for various workflows, and when used with Picus™ 2 pipettes, it automatically selects the correct settings. Complete your workflow using Picus™ 2 pipettes, other electronic pipettes, or any mechanical pipette and export the logfile for your records.

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