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The Next Generation of Our Most Trusted ULT Platform

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Confidence in Quality and Reliability

Our most robust design to date, from sealed system and cabinet construction to software architecture and electrical components, each element of the TSX Universal ULT platform has undergone significant testing and improvements.

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Universally Better Performance

The new TSX Universal Series ULT freezers herald a new era in performance with Universal V-Drive technology, delivering tighter control and faster recovery times.

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Greener by Design

Built with an unwavering commitment to sustainability, TSX Universal ULTs are ENERGY STAR certified, with a 33% improvement in energy efficiency compared to the previous generation TSX Series ULT.

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Cell and Gene Therapy

TSX Universal Series ULT freezers

Helping You Deliver Life-Changing Therapies

Cell and gene therapy products, including live cells, genetic materials, and viral vectors, are often highly sensitive to temperature fluctuations and contamination. Maintaining the integrity of these materials is crucial for their efficacy and safety. The TSX Universal Series ULT freezers are equipped to safeguard these materials, as they can be placed closer to the workflow, ensuring controlled storage environments, and have been independently tested by Underwriters Laboratories (UL), in accordance with ISO 14644- 14:2016, to meet the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Class 5.5, which helps provide cell and gene therapy companies with confidence in the cleanliness and control of their storage environments.

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TSX Universal Series ULT freezers

Protecting Your Precious Samples

ULT freezers are an essential part of Biobanks and Biorepositories as they help ensure the security and quality of valuable samples. Our TSX Universal Series ULT freezers are designed to exceed industry standards, providing exceptional performance and efficiency. The new TSX Universal ULTs deliver up to 52% improvement in door open recovery time, consume up to 33% less energy, and operate at only 44 decibels (dBA). The next-gen ULTs are designed for modern labs, featuring 5V and Power over Ethernet external power supplies. They support labs to be connectivity ready for real-time monitoring, offering valuable insights to streamline operations within your Biobank.

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1 Universal Voltage

Operates on 100-230V, 50/60Hz, streamlining procurement and qualification, from early R&D to global clinical trials.

2 Setpoint Expansion

Users can now enjoy an expanded setpoint range of up to -40°C, a first for the TSX Series ULT platform.

3 Whisper-Quiet

Operating at under 44 dB, the TSX Universal ULT can be placed anywhere, singly or in multiples, without causing sound pollution.

4 Industry-Leading Warranty

12 years compressor parts and 5-⁠year parts and labour warranty.

TSX Universal Series Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers

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