Thermo Scientific™ Vaso per idrometro in PMP Nalgene™

Protect against breakage. This PMP jar is lighter than glass and offers superior chemical resistance and a broad base, making it a stable addition to the lab or field. Hydrometer-Zylinder, PMP, 500 ml

Kartell™ Tall Form Graduated Measuring Cylinders

Accurately measures the volume of a liquid. Kartell™ Tall Form Graduated Measuring Cylinders use horizontal marked lines to assist in measuring out various volumes of a liquid. x10 Graduated Cylinder, Tall Form, PMP, 10ml, class B, blue permanent graduation

Kartell™ Cilindri di misurazione di classe B alti in polipropilene traslucido con scala graduata blu

Realizzati in polipropilene altamente traslucido per garantire durata, trasparenza e ottima resistenza chimica. I cilindri alti di misurazione in polipropilene autoclavabili Kartell™ con graduazioni stampate in blu forniscono una soluzione economica e sicura per la misurazione del volume dei liquidi in laboratorio. x10 Graduated Cylinder, Tall Form, PP, 10ml, class B, blue permanent graduation