Chromatography Spare Parts

Trajan™ Methyl Deactivated Fused Silica Capillary Tubing

Essential for maintaining a high performance chromatography system.Trajan Scientific and Medical™ Methyl Deactivated Fused Silica Capillary Tubing is chemically inert and thermally stable up to 380°C. 10M X 530UM/680UM VSD TUBING

GE Healthcare Tubo in PEEK

I tubi in PEEK sono disponibili in un'ampia scelta di diametri interni. I tubi in PEEK  GE Healthcare Lifescience™ rappresentano un importante accessorio per cromatografia. TUBING PEEK 1/16 INCH, 0.75 MM I.D.

Trajan™ HT Science Silicon Septa

HT GC septa is a bleed and temperature optimized material 9.5MM HT BTO SILICONE SEPTA PK100

Thermo Scientific™ 15% Graphite/85% Vespel Ferrules for Thermo Scientific Instruments

Ensure reliable connections for Thermo Scientific™ GC instruments with these Thermo Scientific™ Ferrules. X10 FERR 15/85 GRAPH/VESP 0,32

Thermo Scientific™ Ghiere in grafite 100% per strumenti Thermo Scientific

Ensure reliable connections for Thermo Scientific™ GC instruments with these Thermo Scientific™ 100% Graphite Ferrules for Thermo Scientific Instruments. X10 Ferrule Thermo Scientific for injectors/detect

Thermo Scientific™ Ferrules for Agilent™ Instruments

Ensure reliable connections for Agilent™ GC instruments with these Thermo Scientific™ Ferrules for Agilent Instruments. X10 Ferrule Thermo Scientific GC 15/85 graphite/ve

Thermo Scientific™ Septa

Use low bleed, robust BTO Septa for demanding GC-MS applications. X48 TR-GREEEN SEPTA 17MM DIAMETER IN BLISTERS

Thermo Scientific™ Stainless Steel Unions, Tees and Crosses

Minimize system dead volumes and ensure reliable high-pressure connections in your HPLC system with Stainless-Steel Unions, Tees and Crosses. UNION CONNECTOR STAINLESS STEELincludes 2 nuts and ferrule 1.57mm O.D.

Cole-Parmer™ Reti a maglia chiusa in HDPE

Prolong the life of all types of glassware with HDPE protective netting. Poly-Net™ HDPE Protective Netting fits snugly over laboratory glassware to reduce breakage and safeguard against flying glass. 50M RETE HDPE MAGLIA 102/152MM

SGE™ SilFlow™ GC Replacement Parts

Tightened using finger force to achieve a reliable seal, even for sensitive MS systems X10 SILFLOW NUTS 0.36MM OD-1.07OD

SGE™ SilFlow™ GC 3 Port Splitter: Device Only

Highly efficient and reliable micro fluidic platform to improve GC connectivity SILFLOW 3 PORT SPLITTER GC MCD (1.1)

S.C.A.T.™ HPLC Safety Set

Extract and dispose of your laboratory pollution with S.C.A.T.™ HPLC Safety Set. All products are specially matched to the system. HPLC Safety Set

Upchurch Scientific™ Coned Port Ferrule

X1 FERRULE REPLACEMENT SEALTIGHt stainless steel 1/16 inch (pack of 10)

Thermo Scientific™ Nut and Ferrule Sets

Include PEEK and standard options RHEFLEX FITTING SET

GE Healthcare Supporto per colonna

Holds ÅKTA columns. GE Healthcare Column Holder for columns with outer diameter between 10 and 50mm. COLUMN HOLDER

GE Healthcare Raccordo in PEEK

Used as a connector for chromatography applications.  GE Healthcare PEEK Fingertip Union  1/16 in. Male/M6 Female. X8 FINGERTIGHT UNION 1/16 INCH MALE/M6 FEMALE(pack of 8)

Trajan Scientific and Medical™ LC PEEKsil™ Tubing

Mechanically robust polymer-sheathed fused silica tubing for use in HPLC systems. X5 1/16'' PEEKSIL 100 X 0.2MM ID

Thermo Scientific™ Mini Capillary Unions

Thermo Scientific™ Mini Capillary Unions are for use with capillary GC columns. MINI CAP UNION KIT FOR 0.32 ID

Thermo Scientific™ PEEK Capillary Tubing

Use these sample loops for your Thermo Scientific™ Rheodyne™ HPLC sample injectors.  PEEK CAPILLARY TUBING 1/16 0.007MM

Thermo Scientific™ RheFlex™ High-Pressure Fittings

Ensure reliable high-pressure connections with Thermo Scientific™ RheFlex™ High-Pressure Fittings. X10 FERRULE RHEFLEX HIGH PRESSURe fittingsstainless steel 1/16 inch (pack of 10)

Thermo Scientific™ PEEK Fingertight Fittings

Ensure HPLC quality and robustness with Thermo Scientific™ PEEK Fingertight Fittings. Upchurch molded delrin plug 10-32, black

Thermo Scientific™ PEEKsil™ Capillary Tubing

Get excellent chemical compatibility and very low carryover using the highly inert Thermo Scientific™ PEEKsil™ Capillary Tubing. X5 Tubing 200x0.05mm PEEKsil

Cole-Parmer™ CPC™ Ten-line Valved Acetal Coupling Body

Easily handle multiple tubing lines in processes that require connection and reconnection. Multiline couplings simplify the manual steps in your process for quick transfers and minimize your down time. 10-LINE BODY M 1/8'' ID

DWK Life Sciences Kimble™ Kontes™ Disposaflex™ Lower Column Fitting

For Disposaflex Disposable Polypropylene Column Set X100 LUER TIP PP

Thermo Scientific™ SWAP-IT No Vent System

Easy to install for quick column changeovers SWAP-IT TRANSFER LINE NUT THERMOVE=1 Stück

Thermo Scientific™ SLIPFREE Ferrules

Thermo Scientific™ SLIPFREE Ferrules are for use with SLIPFREE connectors for HPLC columns. PEEK SEALING FERRULE

Thermo Scientific™ Gas Chromatography 3-Port SilFlow Replacement Parts

Switch your GC column in GC-MS without having to vent.


Thermo Scientific™ SilTite™ GC Capillary Column Connector

Use SilTite GC Capillary Column Connectors for fused silica capillary GC columns. SILTITE SS UNION WITH GLT

Thermo Scientific™ 316 Stainless Steel Capillary Tubing for HPLC in 5-Foot Coils

Use cleaned, polished and passivated Thermo Scientific™ 316 Stainless Steel Capillary Tubing for HPLC, ready for immediate use. 316SS CAPILLARY TUBING0.010''ID X 5' COIL