Apparecchiature e strumenti per didattica

Fisherbrand™ Analizzatore di umidità

Moisture analyzer MBS65 60g/5mg

Fisherbrand™ Minicentrifuga

Achieve max speed with minimum space. Fisherbrand™ Midi Centrifuge is ideal for protocols calling for fast spins with a higher RCF requirement. Ideal for micro-filter cell separations, PCR, clinical applications and HPLC protocols. Includes two rotors: standard 12-place rotor with lid and eight-place strip rotor for four 0.2mL tube strips or 32 single tubes. Centrifuge midi-compact, 12-place standard

Brema™ Water-Cooling Ice Maker


Labnet™ Prism™ Mini Centrifuge

A compact and economical choice for centrifuges, allowing each workstation to be equipped with a personal centrifuge. Labnet™ Prism™ Mini Centrifuges are suitable for a wide range of molecular biology separations and quick spins.

Corning™ Piastra riscaldante per agitatore PC-420D con display digitale

Equipped with bright LED HOT TOP icon that lights up when top plate is over 60°C, even when heat control is turned off. Corning™ PC-420D Stirring Hot Plate with Digital Display provides a safe and efficient device for laboratory heating needs. The two piece casting design deflects spills away from electronics. AGITATORE 550°C 12X17CM

Thermo Scientific™ Mini centrifuga mySPIN 6

Our most compact centrifuge, the mySPIN 6 mini centrifuge, is ideal for microfilter cell separations and HPLC samples, with adapters to accommodate all major microcentrifuge tubes. Thermo Scientific mySPIN 6 minicentrifuge

Thermo Scientific™ HIGHConic™ III Fixed Angle Rotor

View samples through a transparent lid for added safety and convenience in case of a spill. Rotor HIGHConic III

Brema Ice Makers™ GB902AX Model Flaked Ice Maker

Use this self-contained under-counter granular ice flaker in the pharmaceutical industry and for general scientific lab applications. Brema Ice Makers™ GB902AX Model Flaked Ice Makers can be installed anywhere at low cost and is designed for quick and easy maintenance operations. FABBRIC. SCAGLIE GHIACCIO 90KG/G

Eppendorf™ Centrifughe 5702 senza rotore

Meet the requirement of low- to mid-throughput clinical research and cell culture labs with these low speed, general purpose centrifuges. Eppendorf™ 5702 Centrifuges are ideal for processing and analyzing samples from the human body in in-vitro diagnostic applications. CENTRIFUGA 5702

Ohaus™ MB120 Moisture Analyzer

Measures moisture content with increased precision and efficiency. Moisture Analyzer MB120

Integra Biosciences™ Bruciatore Bunsen Flameboy Plus

Used with common gas types such as butane/propane and natural gas.   Integra Biosciences™ Flameboy Plus Bunsen Burner has a smooth, chrome plated metal housing which is easy to clean and both UV and solvent resistant. BRUCIATORE FIREBOY PLUS

Thermo Scientific™ Rotore ad angolo fisso per microprovette MicroClick 24 x 2

Perform micro-volume applications such as nucleic acid preparation at up to 16,000rpm/ 24,372 x g with the Thermo Scientific™ MicroClick 24 x 2 microtube rotor. MicroClick 24 x 2 Rotor, 45°, Rmax 85 mm

Cole-Parmer™ Piastre per pesata quadrate in polistirene

Utilizzare queste navicelle per pesata con bilance, analizzatori di umidità a microonde e centinaia di altre applicazioni per la manipolazione dei campioni. Navicelle per pesata in polistirene quadrate e flessibili per facilitare il versamento. Resistenza al capovolgimento grazie al fondo piatto. Forma ergonomica, che consente di maneggiarle senza pericolo che scivolino. X500 NAVICELLA QUAD. BLU PS 84 MM

Thermo Scientific™ Sorvall™ Legend™ Micro 17R Microcentrifuge

The compact footprint of this microcentrifuge is ideal for routine laboratory work up to 17,000xg and requiring refrigeration. CENTRIFUGA SORVALL LEGEND MICRO17R

Fisherbrand™ Spina universale minicentrifuga 100-240 V CA, 50/60 Hz, grigia

Achieve fast speed in minimal space. Fisherbrand™ Mini Centrifuge is ideal for quick spin downs, micro-filter cell separations, PCR* and HPLC samples. It is compact and easy to use and comes as standard with a host of accessories, including two rotors, O rings and interchangeable plugs. Mini centrifuge, includes rotors and power adapter with 4 interchangeable plugs

Pacchetti rotore per centrifuga da banco Thermo Scientific™ Sorvall™ ST8

Convenient cell culture and clinical packages TX-150 Rotor package for 15ml conical tube

Fisherbrand™ Isotemp™ RT Digital Hotplate

Safety and accuracy in a sleek, low-profile design Fisherbrand Isotemp RT Digital Hotplate 230V, 50/60Hz

Huber Kaeltmaschinenbau™ DW-Therm termofluido


Thermo Scientific™ Rotore oscillante TX-150

Perform a a wide range of clinical and research applications with the Thermo Scientific™ TX-150 Swinging Bucket Rotor, which is highly configurable and convenient. TX-150 ROTORKREUZ

Thermo Scientific™ Rotore a cestello oscillante TX-400 4 x 400 ml

Support a wide range of sample sizes and applications with the Thermo Scientific™ TX-400 4 x 400mL Swinging Bucket Rotor. X4 O-ring Thermo Scientific TX-400 replacement

Fisherbrand™ Navicella per pesata standard quadrata nera in polistirene

Per travasi accurati con perdita minima di campione. La navicella per pesata standard a losanga in polistirene Fisherbrand™ è caratterizzata da una superficie liscia facilmente flessibile. Le navicelle monouso hanno il fondo piatto e stabile e possono essere utilizzate in diversi ambienti di laboratorio e applicazioni. X500 Weighboat diamond, polystyrene white 100mL

Thermo Scientific™ Sorvall™ ST 8 Small Benchtop Centrifuge

Meet space, clinical and research protocal needs with the compact and innovative Thermo Scientific™ Sorvall™ ST 8 Small Benchtop Centrifuge. CENTRIFUGE SORVALL ST8, 120V

Ohaus™ Bilancia portatile Navigator

Designed for a wide range of industrial, food and laboratory weighing applications. Ohaus™ Navigator NV Balances feature ultra-fast response time and superior overload protection. BALANCE NAVIGATOR XT 1,6kG /0,1G MULTI-PURPOSE

IKA™ Mini Centrifuge

Mini-centrifug, 8x2.0ml, 2000 G, 155x105x175mm(WxHxD), Mini G

Thermo Scientific™ Cytospin™ 4 Cytocentrifuge: CytoSpin 4 Starter Kit

For use with the Thermo Scientific™ Cytospin™ 4 Cytocentrifuge. Includes: seated head/rotor; Marking pen; Operator's manual; Service record book; Standard workflow diagram. 1 SET EZ FUNNEL STARTER KITShandon 25 EZ megafunnels, 20 EZ single white

Thermo Scientific™ SL 8 Small Benchtop Centrifuge Series

Perform high-capacity work in a compact design with a smart, simple interface and the flexibility to support both clinical and research applications. Thermo Scientific SL8, 120V

Fisherbrand™ Agitatore magnetico in metallo con vernice epossidica

Ensures a high resistance to chemical agents. Fisherbrand™ Microstirrer Magnetic Stirrer is small, simple and efficient. Remains cold even after several days of continuous use. AGITATORE MAGNETICO 5L

Eppendorf™ Centrifughe 5810R senza rotore

Use these centrifuges for high-speed molecular biology applications in medium to high-throughput laboratories. Eppendorf™ 5810R Centrifuges without Rotor combine extraordinary versatility and capacity for both tubes and plates with a compact footprint. CENTRIFUGA REFRIGERATA 5810R

Whatman™ Navicelle per pesata Kjeldahl

Designed to collect, transfer, and drop both sample and weighing boat into the acid solution during a Kjeldahl analysis without influencing analytical results. Whatman™ Kjeldahl Weighing Boats are excellent for both weighing and quantitative sample transfer. X100 NAVICELLA DI PESATA KJELDAHL55x10x10 mm (conf.da 100 pz.)