Camici, grembiuli e abbigliamento da laboratorio

Fisherbrand™ Camici da laboratorio in polipropilene con polsini elastici monouso per protezione di base

Articoli da laboratorio realizzati in polipropilene filato privi di latex X25 Basic PP Lab Coat White size M

Fisherbrand™ Basic Protection Disposable Beard Cover

Cuffie, copribarba e mascherine in polipropilene per protezione base X500 SPP Beard cover, white, 18 x 42 cm

Ansell Edmont™ PVC/Neoprene

Heavy-duty PVC apron featuring an added stomach patch for extended wear. Ansell Edmont™ Heavy-Duty PVC Apron is made with 20 mil vinyl. PVC Apron, 45 inch -White

Fisherbrand™ Cuffia pieghettata monouso in polietilene

Il tappo monouso offre una protezione di base X1000 PP Bouffant Cap round blue S

3M™ Disposable Overboot Covers 450

The 450 disposable overboot covers from 3M are disposable accessories designed to provide basic barrier protection to help protect footwear against light liquid splashes and hazardous dusts. X200 Boot covers with slip-resistant solesLaminate (100 pairs)

DuPont™ Tuta con cappuccio modello CHA5 Tyvek™ Classic Plus

Providing an ideal balance of protection, durability and comfort. DuPont™ Tyvek™ 600 Plus Green Hooded Coveralls are composed of flash spun high density polyethylene. X100 Tyvek 600 Plus green Size M green

SNV Comines™ Camice da laboratorio in cotone

Provides general light protection against splashes in the laboratory. SNV Comines™ Cotton Laboratory Coats are available in a range of sizes. LABCOAT ANTOINE COTTON WHITE SZ 38

Kimberly-Clark™ Camice da laboratorio KIMTECH™

Ideal for laboratory environments with low risk of exposure to chemicals. Kimberly-Clark™ Kimtech Science™ Single Use Laboratory Coats fulfill needs for basic contamination control.

Kimberly-Clark™ Camici da laboratorio A7 P+™

Camici per laboratori con basso rischio di esposizione a sostanze chimiche ed esigenze minori per il controllo della contaminazione. Camici da laboratorio Kimberly-Clark ™ A7 P+™ con polsini elastici e passante per pollice per una copertura completa del polso; la lunghezza extra delle braccia fa sì che i guanti non si sfilino. X15 LABCOAT KIMTECH SC A7 P+ SZS

DuPont™ Camice da laboratorio in Tyvek™ modello PL30NP

Offrono una maggiore protezione alle parti del corpo pi� esposte a sostanze pericolose. I camici da laboratorio DuPont Tyvek™™ PL30NP con colletto sono realizzati in polietilene ad alta densit� con tecnologia flash spun e offrono un equilibrio ideale tra protezione, durata e comodit�.
X50 Tyvek 500 Labcoat press studs Size L white

Mutexil™ Cuffie

Wear lIghtweight and breathable Mutexil™ Surgical Caps in clinic, hospital , restaurant and food processing settings. The eco-friendly, disposable caps are elastic and easy to wear and are constructed of non-woven polypropylene. X1000 nonwoven white round cap

Mutexil™ Copribarba

Use the Mutexil&trade Beard Cover to cover facial hair cover for basic protection. X1000 NONWOVEN BEARD COVER

Fisherbrand™ Camici da laboratorio bianchi monouso in polipropilene per protezione di base

I camici da laboratorio monouso offrono una protezione leggera e traspirante e sono convenienti X30 White PP lab coat 3 pockets size XL

Logistik™ Camici da laboratorio Howie unisex di colore bianco con polsini in maglia

Includes two lower pockets. Logistik Unicorp™ Howie-Style Unisex White Laboratory Coats with Knitted Cuffs feature a wrapover style stud fastened front for extra frontal protection. UNISEX HOWIE STYLE STUDDED FRONT LABORATORY COAT

Fisherbrand™ Coperture per maniche di protezione in polietilene

Maniche monouso per uso generico X200 PE sleeve, blue, Length 46 cm

Kimberly-Clark™ Professional Indumenti protettivi sterili per camera bianca Kimtech Pure™ A5

100% polypropylene breathable SMS fabric has cloth-like feel X25 COVERALL STERILE A5 SIZE 3XL

Kimberly-Clark™ Professional Calzari in vinile KLEENGUARD™

Protect your footwear with these vinyl shoe covers. Kimberly-Clark Professional™ KLEENGUARD™ Vinyl Covering Boots are ideal for critical production environments such as pharmaceutical industries, manufacturing, utilities, electronics, agriculture and paint spraying. KLEENGUARD* A40 covering boots (unit=100 pcs.),ref. 98820

Kimberly-Clark™ Professional KleenGuard™ A40 Liquid and Particle Protection Sleeves

Breathable, microporous laminate protects against nonhazardous liquids X100 APRON KLEENGUARD A40 WHITE

Kimberly-Clark™ Professional Mascherina chirurgica Lite One™

Features a protective three-layer construction for adequate protection when exposure to blood or bodily fluids is not a risk. X300 Face mask Kimtech Science pleated, protective

Ansell Edmont™ Microchem™ 3000 Coveralls with Hood

MICROCHEM™ 3000 Coveralls with Hood is one of the lightest and most comfortable chemical protective garments on the market today. This durable multi-layer fabric provides an extremely effective barrier against both inorganic chemicals and biological hazards. X20 Microgard 3000-YELLOW COVERALL HOOD 111.XL

Fisherbrand™ Advanced Protection Disposable Facemasks

Protezione a un prezzo conveniente X500 Face mask PP white 3-ply with loops

3M™ 4565 Series Disposable Protective Coveralls

X20 Large Disposable Protective Coverall White+RedX20 4565 Disposable Protective Coverall White+Red

3M™ Tute protettive in polipropilene/polietilene con pellicola laminata in colore bianco

Protezione fornita conforme ai sensi della Direttiva sui dispositivi di protezione individuale (DPI) Categoria III, Tipo 5/6. La tuta protettiva serie 4545 protegge da particelle radioattive e agenti biologici e riduce l'accumulo di carica elettrostatica. X20 Coverall 3M(TM) ultra low lint, antistatic,

3M™ Laminate Over Boot

100 Pair Overshoe, universal size, withAnti - slip sole

3M™ 4520 Series Disposable Protective Coveralls

Protect against certain light liquid splashes and hazardous dust X20 Hooded Coverall white+green type 5/6 size M

Fisherbrand™ Graduated AC Round Bottle with Phenolic PolyCone Lined Cap

Multipurpose containers for use with biological and pathological specimens. X288 60mL Bottle, wide mouth, clear glass

3M™ Tute protettive di categoria I in polipropilene SMS bianco

Use for non-hazardous applications. The White Disposable Coveralls, 4500 Series offers Category I protection from polypropylene fabric. X20 Coverall polypropylene fabric 3M white med