Nastri adesivi ed etichette

Thermo Scientific™ Lettore di codici a barre VisionMate™ SR Single Rack 2D

Decode a full rack of barcoded storage tubes in less than ten seconds with the compact, user-friendly Thermo Scientific™ VisionMate™ SR Single Rack 2D Barcode Reader. VISIONMATE SR,FULL RACK FLATBED

Brady™ Thermal Transfer Printable Vinyl Cloth Labels

Repositionable vinyl cloth labels for barcoding and general identification, as well as re-identifying tissue cassettes ROLL OF X3000 LABELS THT-253-498-3

Fisherbrand™ Polyolefin Cryogenic Label Sheets

Withstands cryogenic freezer storage conditions, as well as autoclaving, boiling water baths and centrifugation. Fisherbrand™ Polyolefin Cryogenic Label Sheets are pre-cut, peel off labels designed for use at cryogenic temperatures. X1040 LABEL CRYOGENIC SHEET POLYOLEFIN TEMP RANGE-196 to 150C, pack of 1040 White 43mm x 19mm

Brady™ Labels for BMP™21 Mobile Printer, ID PAL™ and LABPAL™ Printers

For general identification, laboratory identification, panel identification and plate BOX OF M21-500-7425 POLYPROPYLENE TAPE 6.4M

Brady™ Etichette in poliestere Freezerbondz (B-490) LABXPERT™

Identification label for frozen surfaces including glass and polypropylene stored in liquid nitrogen BOX OF X450 LABXPERT FREEZERBONDZ LABEL B490 MUSTOVERLAP

Thermo Scientific™ Sistema di etichettatura Custom Right-To-Know Nalgene™ in poliolefina

Create labels that identify a chemical and its properties using the Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Polyolefin Right-To-Know Custom Labeling System. X25 ETIQUETTES DE SECURITE

Brady™ Cartucce di etichette BMP™ 21 ID Pal™: Nastro di pellicola in poliestere trasparente

Il nastro di pellicola è utile per diverse applicazioni di etichettatura. Le cartucce di etichette BMP™ per BMP21-PLUS, BMP21-LAB, BMP21, LABPAL sono ideali per centrifughe, provette per PCR ed Eppendorf, provette coniche e grandi, fiale e provette criogeniche. 6,4M ETICHETTA PE PER TUBO L=13MM

Justrite™ Polyethylene Tray/Sump Combination for Shelf #29935 or 4 Gallon Safety Cabinet

Increase the efficiency and space of existing cabinetry. The Justrite™ Polyethylene Tray/Sump Combination for Shelf #29935 or 4 Gallon Safety Cabinet is a great way protect cabinets from any leaks/spills with a poly tray that can fit over the shelf, or inside the bottom sump. VASCA RITENZIONE PE 35 X 35 CM

Fisherbrand™ Nastro di etichettatura per laboratori

Disponibili in vari colori X4 Label tape Fisherbrand supplied on roll blue

Thermo Scientific™ VisionMate™ ST Single-Tube 2D Barcode Reader

Scan single 2D barcodes instantly into your tracking software or other application with this barcode reader, which connects via USB port. VISIONMATE 96 ST 2D USB SOFTWARE

Brady™ Etichette IDXPERT™ e LABXPERT™ FreezerBondz II: Forma rettangolare con cerchi

Le etichette resistono in ambienti che vanno da LN2 ad autoclave, contribuendo a salvaguardare la ricerca mantenendo la tracciabilità del campione X300 ETICHETTA FREEZEBOND2 13X25M

Bel-Art™ Nastro SP Scienceware™ per sistema di etichettatura protettivo

Tape for use with Bel Art Scienceware Protective Labeling Tape System (cat. no. 1186750) X3 Labelling tape clear, write on, 25.4mm

Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Polyolefin Pressure-Sensitive Labels

Combine these waterproof, chemical resistant labels with photocopiers, laser printers or inkjet printers. Will not wrinkle, curl or melt. Polyolefin Label 51x102mm, 500 pcs

Texwipe™ Steam Sterilization Chemical Indicator Label

X4 ROLL Pre-Printed Sterilization Indicator Autoclave 2" x 2" Autoclave Adhesive (5.1 cm x 5.1 cm),

Thermo Scientific™ VisionMate™ High Speed Barcode Reader

Rapidly read 2D barcoded tubes in 24, 48, 96 or 384 formats. Included linear barcode reader helps you track each rack of tubes. Compatible with virtually any database format. VisionMate HighSpeed 2D Barcode Reader

Brady™ ToughBond™ B-483 Gloss Polyester Labels with an Aggressive Adhesive

For use in commercial/industrial applications. Brady B-483 gloss polyester labels with an aggressive adhesive is used for BMP71 printer. BOX OF X250 LABEL M71-65-483

Brady™ TLS2200™ and TLS-PC™ General Purpose Labels

Labels for the TLS 2200™ & TLS-PC Link™ Thermal Transfer Portable Printers in a wide variety of materials to meet your application needs. X100 ETICHETTA TLS CRIO 63X19MM

Brady™ BBP™ Indoor/Outdoor Vinyl Tape

Durable, low-shrink vinyl tape with very aggressive adhesive BOX OF B30C-3000-595-YL 30.4M

Brady™ WorkHorse™ B-423 Permanent Polyester Labels

For use in commercial/industrial applications. Brady B-423 polyester label are for use with BMP71 printer. BOX OF M71C-500-423 15,24M

Brady™ CleanLift™ Terminal Block Markers (B-498)

For BMP71 Printers. Brady Terminal Block Markers (B-498) are made of repositionable vinyl cloth. BOX OF BM71C-318-498

Brady™ Thermal Transfer Printable Labels

Nylon cloth labels for thermal transfer printers ROLL OF X3000 LABEL PROTECTED 41X15+25MM

Brady™ Economy Polypropylene Tapes

For use indoors on smooth, flat surfaces. Brady economy polypropylene tapes are used with BMP 71 printer. BOX OF M71C-2000-529 15,24M

Brady™ MetaLabel™ B-428 Metallized Polyester BMP71 Labels

For use in commercial/industrial applications. Brady B-428 metallized polyester labels with permanent acrylic adhesive are for use with BMP71 printer. BOX OF X500 LABEL M71-29-428

Brady™ Etichette IDXPERT™ e LABXPERT™ FreezerBondz II: Forma rettangolare

Le etichette resistono in ambienti che vanno da LN2 ad autoclave, contribuendo a salvaguardare la ricerca mantenendo la tracciabilità del campione X225 ETICHETTA FREEZEBOND2 23X25M

Brady™ Vinyl Aisle Marking Tape


Brady™ Vinyl Tapes (B-595) for BMP71 Printer

Indoor/Outdoor vinyl grade conforms to irregular, smooth or rough surfaces BOX OF RIBBON VIN SKYBLU 25,4 MM X 15,24 M M71C-1000-595-SB

Brady™ Anti-skid Laminated Polyester Anti-skid Tape


Brady™ ToughStripe™ Floor Marking Corner Marks

Durable tape perfect for marking skid and pallet storage areas, as well as other designated areas PACK OF X20 RED FLOOR LS 101,6 X 254

Brady™ LABXPERT™ Tamper-Resistant/Indicating Polyester Labels

LABXPERT™ Tamper-Resistant/Indicating Polyester Labels are made of tamper-resistant vinyl (B-351), which is designed to fracture easily in order to show signs of product tampering and to prevent on-piece label removal. X200 ETICHETTA SIGILLANTE 50X25MM

Brady™ BBP31 Hi-Performance Polyester Tapes - Light Blue

For labelling stainless steel and smooth surfaces. Brady™ BBP31 Hi-Performance Polyester Tapes are made of B-569 polyester and are ideal for application to very smooth surfaces or rigid panels. BOX OF B30C-2250-569-LB 30.4M