Sonicatori, omogeneizzatori e miscelatori

Disintegratore a ultrasuoni modello 120

Programmable system ideal for small volume liquid processing. There are 3 probe size options available which allow for processing 0.2-50mL volumes. SONICATOR 120W 0.2-100ML W/PROBE 0.5-15MLgenerator, converter, cables, wrench set & manual

GPE Scientific™ Mini Series Homogenizers


KINEMATICA Polytron™ PT 1300 D Manual Disperser

Choose the KINEMATICA Polytron PT 1300 D for your lab. This versatile hand-held homogenizer combines quality, convenience and high performance for rapid, reproducible sample processing and consistent sample-to-sample uniformity. OMOGENEIZZATORE POLYTRON PT1300D

Fisherbrand™ Bead Mill Homogenizer Accessory, 2mL Soft Tissue Homogenizing Mix Tubes

For use with Fisher Scientific™ Bead Mill 4 and 24 Homogenizers. Also compatible with most other commercial Bead Beaters. Fisherbrand bead mill accessory, 2ml tube containi

Fisherbrand™ Q700 Sonicator with Probe

Use this high powered sonicator for any application and sample volume. Fisherbrand™ Sonicators are ideal for cell disruption, nanoparticle dispersion, DNA shearing/ChIP and homogenization. SONICATOR 700W 0.2-1000ML W/PROBE 10-250MLgenerator, converter, cables, wrench set & manual

Fisherbrand™ Bead Mill 4 Adapter Kit

Fisherbrand 2ml & 7ml Bead Mill 4 Adapter Kit

Fisherbrand™ Motore senza cavo Pellet Pestle™

Per produrre una disgregazione più completa rispetto alla miscelazione manuale. Il motore senza cavo Kimble Chase™ Pellet Pestle™ può essere utilizzato con miscelatori Pellet Pestle™ monouso o riutilizzabili. MOTORE S/FILO PER STANTUFFO PELLET

Kinematica™ Sistemi di omogeneizzazione Microtron

For intense mixing, dispersing, homogenizing, emulsifying and mincing operations for cuttable materials FRANTOIO MICROTRON MB 550

Kinematica™ Vetro MBA 250


Fisherbrand™ Q700 Sonicator without Probe

Guarantees more efficient operation, sample-to-sample consistency and most importantly, a reliable end result. Fisherbrand™ Q700 Sonicator without Probe is the most technologically advanced sonicator available today.
SONICATOR 700W 0.2-1000ML W/O PROBEwith generator, converter, cables, wrench set &

Kinematica™ Glass MBA 125


KINEMATICA Polytron™ 2500E Homogenizer

Versatile units combine quality, convenience and high performance for rapid, reproducible sample processing and consistent sample-to-sample uniformity POLYTRON HOMOGENEIZER PT2500E

Mixer-omogeneizzatore Waring™ Dives-R


Sonics Materials™ VCX 750 Ultrasonic Microprocessor

750 Watt ultrasonic processors for small and medium volume applications that are ideal for safely processing a wide range of organic and inorganic materials from 250 microliters to 1 liter. SONIFICATORE MICROPROCESSORE 750W

Omogeneizzatore tissutale Kontes™ Dounce

Designed for cellular work in which the nucleus remains intact after homogenization TISSUE GRINDER COMP 7ML VE=1

Fisherbrand™ Q500 Sonicator without Probe

Providing programmable operation and a digital display of operating parameters. Fisherbrand™ Q500 Sonicator without Probe is excellent for nanoparticle dispersion, creating emulsions, cell lysis and homogenization applications.
SONICATOR 500W 0.5-500ML W/O PROBEwith generator, converter, cables, wrench set &

Kimble™ Kontes™ Glass Tubes for DUALL™ Tissue Grinder

For DUALL tissue grinders Tissue grinder tube glass DUALL type 20 1 ml

KINEMATICA Motori omogeneizzatore Polytron™

For applications requiring high reproducibility and scaling up. POLYTRON PT3100D

Waring™ Products Stainless-steel Dry Blending Container for Blender

Fits 1L (34 oz.) capacity blenders (nominal capacity; actual capacity depends on container used) REC. INOX 500ML FRANTUM. A SECCO

Sonde per disintegratore a ultrasuoni modello 505 e 705

Probes for varying volumes PROBE 12.7MM 10-250ML W/REPLACEABLE TIPto 250mL processing volume for 500 and 700 watt

Fisherbrand™ Bead Mill Homogenizer Accessory, Zirconium Ceramic Oxide Bulk Beads

For use with Bead Mill 4 and 24 Homogenizers Fisherbrand 2.8mm ceramic beads bulk quantity 325g

Fisherbrand™ Serrated Plunger Head For PTFE Tissue Grinder

Use with glass vessel for homogenizing tissue material. The serrated plunger for PTFE tissue grinder is made from pure PTFE. STANTUFFO STRIATO ELVEHJEM 10ML

Qsonica Ultrasonic Homogenizer Converters

Qsonica Ultrasonic Homogenizer Converter works with either the Microson XL2000 or the Sonicator 3000 Ultrasonic Homogenizers to transform electrical signals into mechanical vibrations. CONVERTER CABLE FOR SONICATOR 500W

Pestello per pellet Kontes™ Pestle™

Use to resuspend protein and DNA pellets or grind soft tissue in microcentrifuge tubes X100 PISTONE PELLET MONOUSO 0,5ML

Kimble™ Kontes™ Replacement Tube For All-Glass Dounce Tissue Grinders

A range of replacement tubes for Dounce Tissue Grinders, from 2mL to 100mL. TISSUE GRIND TUBE 15ML

Fisherbrand™ Omogeneizzatore in vetro borosilicato Potter-Elvehjem

Designed specifically to work with softer tissue. Fisherbrand™ Potter-Elvehjem Homogenizers are manufactured from durable borosilicate glass. HOMOGENISER, BOROSILICATE GLASS MORTAR PTFE PESTLE

Kimble™ Solid Borosilicate Glass Beads for Distillation Columns

Resist attack by liquids or vapors X1lb Beads, solid glass, 6mm (Approx. 1800 beads)

Fisherbrand™ Recipiente in vetro per omogeneizzatore/omogeneizzatore di tessuti

Da utilizzare con testa a stantuffo per l'omogeneizzazione di materiale tissutale. Il recipiente in vetro per omogeneizzatori di tessuti in PTFE è prodotto in vetro borosilicato. MORTAIO ELVEHJEM 15ML L'UNITÀ