Spatole, pinzette e utensili

Terumo™ Siringa a tre parti

Use these syringes for the aspiration of fluids or sampling blood or other body fluids. Terumo™ Three-Part Syringes feature a unique double beveled design for greater patient comfort. X100 SIRINGA STE 3P 10ML+AGO

Hamilton™ Siringhe Microliter™ serie 700: Terminale N

Siringa originale Hamilton assemblata a mano. MICROSIRINGA 250µL 725N AGO PST2 AGO CEMENTATO (725N)

Siringa in plastica Terumo™

Use for medical applications. Terumo™ Plastic Syringe is disposable and comes with luer slip. X100 SIRINGA LUER CENTRE 1ML

Sessole per campionatori SP Scienceware™ Sterileware™

In plastica di polistirene. I cucchiai di campionamento SP Scienceware™ Sterileware™ sono realizzati per raccogliere i campioni da un sito di grandi dimensioni. Scoop, sterileware, polystyrene, white, 60ml

Fisherbrand™ Set ancorette di agitazione magnetiche di elevatori 12

For use in containers with bases that are slightly curved or uneven. Fisherbrand™ Star Bar Box Set, Octahedral is isostatically molded in pure, FDA-approved PTFE plastic. MAGNETIC FOLLOWER SET OF 12 OCTAGONALwith pivot ring encased in ptfe white 2 - 13x8,16x

Rogo Sampaic™ Pinze Dumont nr. 5 in acciaio inox

Excellent for high-precision dissection work. Rogo Sampaic™ Dumont™ No. 5 Stainless Steel Forceps have pointed ends to allow manipulation of the finest, smallest materials. X10 DUMONT FORCEPS N°5 SHARP 113M

EMD Millipore Pinzette per filtro

Gestione dei filtri a membrana senza danni X3 Forceps, blunt end, stainless steel 3pk

BD Siringa Luer-slip eccentrico in due pezzi Discardit™

Use for sterile applications. BD Biosciences™ Discardit™ Eccentric Luer-Slip Two-Piece Syringe are disposible after single use. X100 PACK OF 100 2-PIECE DISPOSABLE SYRINGES 5ML

Fisherbrand™ Spatola da laboratorio in acciaio inox leggera Chattaway 304

Designed using high quality stainless steel components these spatulas have good mechanical properties and excellent resistance to many corrosive environments. X5 SPATULAS CHATTAWAY 150X8MM PACK OF 5

Fisherbrand™ Setacci in acciaio inox, diam. 200 x H 50 mm, con fori micrometrici

Use for separation, fractioning, or particle size determination. These stainless-steel test sieves have an internal height of 50mm and diameter of 200mm. Available in a wide range of pore sizes smaller than 1mm. VAGLIO INOX 200 MM MAGLIA 0,9 MM

Thermo Scientific™ Lame per microtomo monouso Ultra

Combining excellent quality with an affordable price X50 Blade HP35 ultra high profile (pack of 50)

Bochem™ Spatole standard con paletta in acciaio inox 18/10

In acciaio inox 18/10. La spatola con cucchiaio in acciaio inox BOCHEM™ 18/10 è di tipo standard. SPOON SPATULA 210MM

Outils Rubis™ Pinzette appuntite in acciaio inox


Fisherbrand™ Spatole da laboratorio medie Chattaway in acciaio inox rivestite in PTFE 304

Get superior results when you use the stainless steel PTFE-coated spatula for your essential laboratory work. Ideal for Biology, Microbiology and Pharmaceutical Applications, the Fisherbrand™ Stainless Steel Chattaway Spatula Medium PTFE Coated is widely used, sturdy, affordable, and resistant to most solvents. SPATEL 180MM CHATTAWAY MEDIUM

Clip in poliacetale per giunti conici Quickfit™

In resina acetalica, per garantire resistenza e durata. I morsetti in resina acetalica Quickfit™ per giunti conici sono progettati per assicurare i corrispondenti accessori in vetro Quickfit™ con giunti conici. X10 Joint clip KC12 for 12/21 joint polyacetal violet

Hamilton™ Siringhe serie 7000 Modified Microliter™

This series of syringes is ideal for dispensing volumes from 0.05 µL up to 5 µL. The 7000 series is the only zero dead volume syringe. The fine gauge plunger wire travels to the tip of the needle ensuring that all solvent is expelled from the needle. MICROSIRINGA 1µL 7001KH AGO PST37000, MOD. 7001N (70/3), 1µl

Hamilton™ Siringhe Gastight™ serie 1000: Siringhe Luer-Lock, terminale TLL

Mid-volume GASTIGHT syringe ideal for dispensing volumes from 100 μL up to 100 mL.  1025 TLL 25ML SYR

Fisherbrand™ Spatole in acciaio inox

Per raschiare e sollevare i materiali da flaconi o fiasche. Le spatole in acciaio inox Fisherbrand™ Chattaway non sono magnetiche e hanno finitura lucida. X5 SPATULAS,STAINLESS STEEL LENGTH 178MM

Fisherbrand™ Plastic PP Syringes, Luer Slip

HPLC certified, non sterile disposable syringes made of solvent robust polypropylene X100 20 ml Luer-Slip Plastic Disposable Syringe pa

Hamilton™ Aghi a cono amovibili piccoli (siringhe da 2.5 - 100 μl)

Gli aghi a cono rimovibili piccoli (RN) si possono utilizzare con le siringhe rimovibili (RN) da 100 μl e volumi inferiori. La lunghezza standard dell'ago è 2 inch (51 mm). Sono disponibili misure, lunghezze e tipi di punta personalizzati. X6 AGO RN G26S PST2 51MM

Pinzette di precisione Excelta™ con punte finissime

For general assembly or light magnification PINZETTA PUNTE ULTRASOTTILI 110MM

BD Siringa con attacco Luer-Slip eccentrico Plastipak™™

Utilizzata per venipuntura e aspirazione di fluidi. La siringa con attacco Luer-Slip eccentrico BD Medical™ Plastipak™ consente operazioni in prossimità con l'epidermide.  X60 SYRINGE LUER EXCENTRIC SLIP TIP 50ML

Semadeni™ Pinzette in polistirene

Pinzette per uso generico adatte a numerose applicazioni di laboratorio. Le pinzette in polistirene Semadeni™ sono dotate di impugnatura corrugata e di punte arrotondate zigrinate. X100 PINZA SAN BLU CHIARO 125 MM

Siringhe monouso interamente in plastica National Target

Use these all-plastic disposable syringes to dispense small volumes of liquids, or to pressure filter through our syringe filters. X100 LUER-LOCK PLASTIC SYRINGES, 3ML

Thermo Scientific™ Fixed Needle Syringes for GC Instruments

Get accurate, reproducible results from these fixed-needle syringes for Thermo Scientific™ and Agilent GC autosamplers.


Terumo™ Siringa a tre parti graduata per applicazioni generiche

Use these syringes for the aspiration of fluids or sampling blood or other body fluids. Terumo™ 3-Part Latex Free Insulin Syringes feature a unique double beveled design for greater patient comfort. X100 SIRINGA STE 3P 2,5ML CENTRAT

Hamilton™ Siringhe Gastight™ serie 1700: Terminale TLL

Gastight version of the original 700 series syringes, ideal for dispensing volumes from 1 up to 500μL MICROSIRINGA 250µL 1725TLL S/ AGO

Terumo™ Siringa per insulina a tre parti

Use these syringes for the aspiration of fluids or sampling blood or other body fluids. Terumo™ Three-Part Insulin Syringes feature a unique double beveled design for greater patient comfort. X100 SIRINGA STE 1ML+AGO 25G

SPEX CertiPrep™ Adjustable Clamp for Geno/Grinder

Adjusts to fit various sizes of titer plates and vials. Adjustable Clamp for Geno/Grinder 2010