Laboratory Hoods and Enclosures

Angelantoni Industrie™ Gemini Class 100 Vertical Laminar Flow Hood

Ideal vertical laminar flow hood for laboratories working in microbiology and molecular biology. Angelantoni Industrie™ Gemini Class 100 Vertical Laminar Flow Hood features a working tray and back panel of stainless steel.

Bel-Art™ Accessorio scatola a guanti, ingresso porta Iris SP Scienceware™

La porta di accesso a mani nude (Iris) SP Scienceware™ consente l'accesso e il funzionamento a mani nude.

Labconco™ Precise™ Controlled Atmosphere Glove Box

Provide a leak-tight environment for working with contamination-sensitive materials. Labconco™ Precise™ Controlled Atmosphere Glove Box features valves for evacuating/filling the chambers and drying train connections in order to achieve low oxygen levels.

Grant Instruments™ PCR UV Cabinets

Large-capacity, stainless steel PCR UV cabinet workstation with additional space for equipment and accessories. Grant Instruments™ PCR UV Cabinets come equipped with an open UV lamp installed in the upper part of the hood.

Thermo Scientific™ Piedistallo da banco Heraguard™ ECO Clean

I banchi ECO Clean Heraguard™ Thermo Scientific™ sono disponibili con piedistallo fisso oppure regolabile manualmente o elettronicamente.

Plas Labs™ La Petite Glove Box

Economical glove box, just two-thirds the size of the standard glove box. Plas Labs™ La Petite Glove Box top and bottom are sealed using a revolutionary new gel.

Angelantoni Industrie™ Helios Series Horizontal Laminar Flow

Used to protect the product from dangerous effects due to uncontrolled diffusion of air contaminants during its handling.

Labconco™ Protector™ Fiberglass Controlled Atmosphere Glove Box w/2 Ports

The two ports of the Labconco Protector™ Fiberglass Controlled Atmosphere Glove Box provides a leak-tight environment for work with contamination sensitive materials.

Erlab™ Cappa di aspirazione filtrante senza condotto Captair Smart

Facilità d'uso. La cappa chimica filtrante senza condotto Captair Smart con filtro Flex esclusivo è in grado di gestire la maggior parte delle applicazioni di laboratorio.

Labconco™ Protector™ Controlled Atmosphere Glove Boxes

Glove boxes provide a leak-tight environment for work with contamination-sensitive materials

Fisherbrand™ Absorbent Underpads

Quickly absorb liquids and keep spills from spreading

Erlab™ Captair 392 Smart Fume Hood

Erlab™ Captair 392 Smart Fume Hoods are designed with a simple and innovative way of communication to let you know the hood is protecting you and in optimal working order.

Erlab™ Filtri di ricambio Captair™

A range of replacement filters for use with fume hoods and vented cabinets.

Bel-Art™ Sistema scatola a guanti portatile SP Scienceware™

L'operatore e l'ambiente esterno sono protetti con il sistema scatola a guanti portatile SP Scienceware™, un armadio di isolamento portatile leggero e autonomo.

Bel-Art™ Cappa di aspirazione da banco SP Scienceware™

Progettata per piccoli impianti o installazioni in cui sono necessarie diverse cappe chimiche. La cappa di aspirazione da banco Bel-Art™ SP Scienceware™ è ideale per l'uso in ambienti accademici, tra cui scuole, licei e università.

FTM Technologies™ Multi-Operator Fume Hoods

Used for filtration where extraction arms or other accessories are needed. FTM Technologies™ Multi-Operator Fume Hoods provide multi-workstation filtration for welding fumes, solvents and other hazardous substances.

Grant Instruments™ Stainless Steel PCR UV Cabinet

Disinfects the working area chamber, inactivating DNA / RNA fragments during 15-30 minutes of exposure. Grant Instruments™ Stainless Steel PCR UV Cabinet is equipped with a high efficiency flow-type bactericidal UV cleaner-recirculator which provide constant decontamination inside the cabinet during operation.

Thermo Scientific™ Accessori banco Heraguard™ ECO Clean

Per aumentare la flessibilità e migliorare le operazioni, è possibile integrare gli accessori dei banchi sterili Thermo Scientific™ Heraguard™ ECO con il banco sterile ECO.

Cole-Parmer™ Cella di polietilene dotata di guanti interni

Protect yourself and your materials quickly without giving up lab space with these glove chambers. Glove Bag™ Inflatable Glove Chambers establish high-purity working atmosphere in minutes. Inflatable chambers effectively eliminate oxygen and moisture during material manipulation operation.

Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Versi-Dry™ Surface Protectors

Quickly absorb spills and cushion breakable labware with these surface protectors. Use as a bench protector, shelf liner or cabinet liner to protect against the harshest of chemicals.

Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ CleanSheets™ Polyethylene Bench/Drawer Liner

Find a variety of uses for these polyethylene bench/drawer liners, such as sink liners or titration backgrounds.

Saint-Gobain Telo di protezione in Bytac™

Put the protection of FEP fluoropolymer on any surface

Thermo Scientific™ Protezioni per superfici Nalgene™ Super Versi-Dry™

Absorb spills and cushion breakable items with long-lasting, waterproof, skid-resistant and chemical-resistant surface protectors.

Fisherbrand™ Absorbent Underpads

High-absorbency fibers soak up spills.

Saint-Gobain Chemware™ PTFE Laboratory Matting

Chemically inert—resists adhesion of practically any material

Erlab&trade Stainless Steel Worktop

Work surface and retention tray

Erlab™ Captair 483 Smart Fume Hood

Erlab™ Captair 483 Smart Fume Hoods are designed with a simple and innovative way of communication to let you know the hood is protecting you and in optimal working order.