Vast investments have been made in the search for immunologic therapeutic agents that are effective against incurable body disorders. This has created huge expectations around our efforts towards medical progress.

Antibodies are a diverse group of complex or light protein-based structures, the investigation of which has given rise to a therapeutic approach mimicking the immune system in order to cure advanced disease. Advances in genetics and in engineering tools have allowed scientists to design and produce novel monoclonal antibodies to bind and fight against unconventional cell disorders, as well as provide modern medical disciplines with solutions to volatile diseases

Antibody applications have been integrated into different clinical studies and have become a common element of scientific exploration and investigative curiosity. Their use is reported in delivering curative potential for life-influencing illnesses such as cancer and autoimmune conditions, as well as for some impactful dermal, cardiovascular, and neurological diseases.

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Antibody and Protein Production

The production of proteins and various types of antibody requires different products and instruments. Monoclonal antibody production relies on hybridoma technology and a clean environment, whereas the generation of polyclonal antibodies depends on the removal of blood and the skillful extraction of serum. In both cases, our portfolio can provide a broad range of items.

Antibody and Protein Isolation and Purification

The preparation and extraction of antibody and protein structures, as well as their efficient isolation in higher molecular amounts, requires a range of kits and reagents. For concentration and purification of samples, the Fisher Scientific channel can also provide a range of filtration devices and other suitable apparatus.

Antibody and Protein Detection and Visualization

For specific recognition of antibodies and proteins you can utilise imaging instruments or gel electrophoresis apparatus. However, for general detection you may use the reagents, membranes, and consumables available within our blotting portfolio. The Fisher Scientific channel allows for fast delivery of our most popular products together with high quality service.

Characterisation and Storage of Antibodies and Proteins

Characterisation of antibodies and proteins in clinical or research projects can be enhanced by using our range of instruments. To ensure effectiveness in protein measurement, additional reagents and devices are also available. Furthermore, a broad range of low temperature storage options can be provided, including freezers and refrigerators.

Biotech Essentials

The success of laboratory operations and common experimental projects depends upon access to a range of common products. The Fisher Scientific channel can provide access to any foundational products through the entire Biotech Essentials portfolio.

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