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Electrothermal™ Digi-Mantle Kit

Enables a round bottom flaskto be stirred and heated through precise electronic control. Electrothermal™ Digi-Mantle Kit gives an accurate measure of temperature and stirring.

Marca:  Electrothermal™ OMCA1000

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Heater cartridge

  • Ensures uniformly distributed temperature across the round bottom flask.
  • Outside of the heater cartridge remains “Cool-to-the-touch” due to the air flow through ventilation slots beneath and around the rim of the case
  • Available in 3 sizes for heating round bottom flasks:
    100 to 250ml (OMCA0250), 500 ml (OMCA0500) and 1000ml (OMCA1000) capacity.

OMCA Digital controller

  • Controls both temperature and stirring speed independently
  • Revolutionary CTC (Capacitance Touch Control) panel sets the required temperature and stir speed with the up/down arrows.
  • Separate indicators lights for the power, heater and stirrer functions, along with a 3-digit display indicating the actual temperature from ambient to 450°C.
  • Stirring speeds from 100 to 2000rpm are obtained by lightly touching the stirrer speed keys.

Temperature control

  • Controlled by a modern state of the art microprocessor
  • Displays the heat setting as a percentage of the total power.
  • Optional temperature probe may be used to gauge the temperature of the flask contents more accurately (up to 220°C)

Improved stirring

  • Allow for accurate low speed stirring control and higher stirring speeds.
  • Uniform stirring is provided via a motorised rotating magnet assembly positioned to provide maximum magnetic flux linkage to rotate the stirrer bars in each reaction vessel.

Key features

  • Same OMCA controller accommodates different capacity heating cartridges, i.e. interchangeable design
  • Round bottom flask capacity of between 100ml to 1000ml
  • Vented casing ensures the outer is safe to touch
  • Greater stirring stability and speeds from 100 to 2000rpm
  • Controller with display menus and touch pad interface
  • Indicator lights for power, stirrer and heater operation
  • Supplied with a support rod (NOTE clamps are not supplied)
  • CE certification


1000 mL
230 V
100 to 2000rpm
300 x 300 x 650mm
Powder-coated aluminum
50/60 Hz