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DWK Life Sciences Kapsenberg Cap, from aluminum

The Kapsenberg cap is a metal cap which is used to attach the cap to a culture flask with a straight neck and thus to close the flask. The handle of the cap makes it easier to grip.

Marca:  DWK Life Sciences 290100909

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Microbiology is an important field of biology and medicine and deals with microorganisms (bacteria, fungi, protozoa or viruses) and their habitats and conditions. For this purpose, it is essential to produce pure culture media on which the corresponding microorganisms can grow. In order to avoid the introduction of foreign substances, the bottles and flasks must be covered but not sealed gas-tight. Air exchange is essential for culture growth.

  • The Kapsenberg caps allow an exchange of air in the media bottle, creating a positive environment for the growth of microorganisms
  • The additional handle on the cap serves for easier handling of the cap


Not Autoclavable
Suitable for Culture tubes Cat. no. 26 132 21 08
16 mm
Closuring of Culture Tubes or Bottles; Storage and Transport of Liquid Cultures; Working with Cell Culture Media Under Sterile Conditions in Biosafety Cabinets and Clean Hoods
16 mm