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Spectrum™ Spectra/Por Biotech-Grade RC Dialysis Membrane Tubing

A premium dialysis membrane that provides superior molecular selectivity than Standard RC and superior tolerance than Biotech CE

Marca:  Spectrum™ 133 270

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  • Crafted from a regeneration process that yields superior temperature tolerances and chemical compatibilities with the same high purity and selectivity as Biotech CE
  • Membrane can tolerate concentrated-weak acids and bases, dilute-strong acids and bases, most alcohols and some mild or dilute organic solvents
  • Rigidly controlled porosity for better selectivity and separations
  • Ultrapure, does not interfere with molecular activity and function
  • 3 MWCOs and 2 tubing flat-widths
  • Packaged dry with glycerin (soak 15 min. in water)
  • Use with pH 2 to 12 and temp 4 to 60°C



Frequent dialysis applications, desalting, purification, sample preparation
Spectra/Por™ Dialysis Tubing
Packaged dry with glycerin (soak 15 min. in water)
8 to 10 kd
4° to 60°C
Regenerated Cellulose