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The Fisherbrand™ eCount Colony Counter features touch controls for various counts, while audible beeps and LED flashes verify each count. The display accommodates up to 32 individual counts or zones, up to 999 colonies per zone, and its versatility allows marker changes for distinct colony counts. Comes with a five-year warranty (excluding Battery and Pen).



Enhance bacterial colony visibility using the Fisherbrand™ Lightbox, featuring a spacious viewing area and battery-powered LED illumination for optimal counting conditions. Combine with the Fisherbrand™ Magnifier with 1.75X magnification and a swiveling molded lens, ensuring comfortable and clear observations during colony counting.



This FDA food-grade silicone labmat is suitable for various laboratory settings, including cold rooms, clean rooms, and sterile suites, where high sterility is essential. Effectively safeguards countertops from temperatures up to 200°C (392°F) and demonstrates general chemical resistance to moderate oxidizing chemicals.

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Phamaceutical Research

TraceableLIVE™ WiFi Thermometer

Rapid & Accurate Colony Counting

Experience precise colony identification with the Fisherbrand™ Colony Counting Bundle. The Fisherbrand™ eCount Colony Counter ensures accurate tallies, while the Fisherbrand™ Lightbox and Magnifier offer efficient LED illumination and magnification for optimal viewing. Complete with a Fisherbrand™ Silicone Lab Mat for safe and clean procedures.

Discover the Product

1 User Friendly

The Fisherbrand™ eCount Colony Counter has a light and balanced ergonomic body for easy manipulation.

2 Compact Designs

The Fisherbrand™ Lightbox saves bench space and can be stored in a drawer.

3 Visual Differentiation

Switch out different coloured markers to help visually identify different colony types on the same count.

4 Contrast

Just flip the Lab Mat to get a light or dark surface background to work on.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use any brand of marker pen with the eCount?

Yes, as long as the marker seats properly into the eCount body, any brand could be used, but a range of recommended colours are avaiable through our website.

Will the eCount record multiple counts if pressed down too long?

No, the eCount is sensitive and does not require much pressure to trigger a count, but it will not record multiple counts on the same depression. Ideal for experienced and less experienced users.

How can you clean the Lab Mat?

The Lab Mat can be autoclaved, heat sterilized, put in a dishwasher, sprayed with 70% ethanol solution and is compatable with any detergent or cleaning agent that is safe to use with silicone based products.