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Why Choose Fisherbrand™ Indigo 4.0 Gloves?

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Enhanced Comfort

Comfortable fit, allowing for prolonged wear without sacrificing dexterity or tactile sensitivity. The ergonomic design ensures ease of movement, reducing hand fatigue during long hours of work.

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Superior Chemical Protection

Type B (J,K,P,T) protection, ensuring that your hands are well shielded during scientific experiments or procedures.

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Textured Grip

The textured surface provides a reliable grip, allowing you to handle objects with confidence and precision.

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Countless Applications

Fisherbrand Indigo 4.0 Gloves

Versatile for a Wide Range of Applications

Suitable for a wide range of scientific applications. Whether you are working in a laboratory, research facility, or any other scientific field, Fisherbrand™ Indigo 4.0 gloves can meet your needs.

Discover the Product

1 Textured Fingertips

Improved grip strength, enabling safer handling of tools and materials.

2 Type B Protection

J,K,P,T-certification ensuring defense against chemical splash.

3 Touch Screen Compatible

Operate touchscreens and mobile devices without the need to remove the gloves, providing convenience and maintaining hand protection.

4 Tear Resistant

Reduce the risk of glove failure and potential exposure to hazards.

Fisherbrand™ Indigo 4.0 Gloves

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Fisherbrand™ Indigo Gloves provide both comfort and tactile sensitivity, ensuring effective protection in a wide range of applications.

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