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Corning™ Cryopreservation Bags

Features a proprietary polyolefin/EVA (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate) film blend that remains flexible at ultra-low temperatures (-196°C)

Marca:  Corning™ 91-200-90

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Our cryopreservation bag is a unique bag film container that remains flexible at ultra-low temperatures (-196°C). Corning cryogenic containers are designed for storage, preservation and transfer of CD34+ hematopoietic progenitor cells (HPCs). The recommended fill volume ranges from 20 mL to 190 mL in four standard sizes. The freeze volume recommendation is based on horizontal freezing in a protective cassette with an internal thickness of approximately 0.313 inches. Corning offers this single-use cell culture bag in 50 mL-750 mL configurations. A special blend of polyolefin film and proprietary EVA was selected for its low temperature properties and its ability to maintain flexibility and clarity when filled with liquid. Proprietary membrane port design offers thinner walls for increased flexibility and attached cap minimizes membrane exposure during freezing. The industry standard label pocket design offers ease of use and traceability in labeling. -Port 1 features thin walled membrane ports, two PVC leads, female lures, male Luer caps, and small slide clamps. This single-use cell cryopreservation bag is ideal for basic research biopharmaceutical applications.
-Complete Certificate of Compliance is available for each production lot.
With Polyolefin-EVA blended film Available in 50 mL, 250 mL, 500 mL and 750 mL sizes.
Film type: Polyolefin-EVA blend
Two thin-walled membrane ports
Port 1: 4.5„ length 0.153„ O.D. EVA tube, splits to two 5„ length 0.118„ I.D. x 0.16„ O.D. PVC tube with female Luer connectors and male Luer caps, with pinch clamps Features and Benefits
  • Polyolefin film – Proprietary EVA blend specifically selected for its low temperature properties while maintaining flexibility and clarity when filled with liquid
  • Membrane port – The attached cap snaps into place to protect the contents and minimizes membrane exposure during use
  • Label pocket – Supports use of computer-generated labels; product information can be viewed quickly by simply opening the freezing cassette
  • Integral fill tube – The unique manufacturing method used to secure the fill tube to the container body eliminates the need for PVC interfaces with the liquid nitrogen storage section of the container
  • Interface/Connectors – Compatible with sterile connection technology and smart seal technology (Sebra™ Model 1100 tube welder); fits in a variety of freezing cassette systems

  • Corning media certificates are available on our Resource Library.


    Cryopreservation Bag
    Female luer connectors and male luer caps, with pinch clamps, 0.11 I.D x 0.16 O.D. PVC port
    500 mL
    Polyolefin/EVA Blend




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