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DWK Life Sciences DURAN™ Flat Flange Beaker, flange with groove

The lower part of a flat flange beaker has a beaker-like shape and its own for preparative work involving solid and viscous substances. Working under pressure or vacuum is possible.

Marca:  DWK Life Sciences 243915406

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Flat flange vessels are large volume reaction vessels which are regarded as an alternative to the round flasks and consist of a bottom part and a lid. These two parts are held together by means of a clamping ring. A seal or grinding grease prevent the grinding surfaces from tilting. The flat flange vessel can be combined with other components (e.g. dropping funnels, stirring shafts, ...) by means of various standard ground joints in the lid. Flat flange vessels are well suited for preparative work such as general reactions, distillations, evaporation and drying of solid and viscous substances. Due to their walls, flat flange vessels are suitable for safe working under pressure and vacuum.

  • Flange with groove: A sealing ring (O-ring) can be inserted into the groove, by means of which the vessel is firmly closed
  • Pressure and vacuum resistant due to the geometry and solid wall thickness
  • Use up to the technically maximum possible vacuum and thus maximum safety for the user (observe safety instructions)
  • Fired-on, highly durable white print


Max. Pressure 0.5 bar
Borosilicate Glass (3.3)
1000 mL
Suitable for Witt-type filter apparatus; Safe working under pressure or vacuum; Only heat flat-flange beakers in water or oil baths. At the maximum usage temperature of 250°C and the maximum operating pressure, the temperature difference in the glass wall of the flat flange reaction vessels must not exceed 30°C
DN 150
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