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DWK Life Sciences DURAN™ Jacketed Coil Condenser, with 2 standard ground joints, and 2 screw-on plastic hose connections

Condenser with large cooling surface for condensing vapours from reaction mixtures with low boiling points (distillation).

Marca:  DWK Life Sciences 242557107

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Combining the cooling properties of the Liebig condenser with those of the Dimroth condenser produces the intensive cooler. This is characterized by its large cooling surface (cooling coil and outer jacket) and is therefore suitable for condensing vapors from reaction mixtures with low boiling points (distillation).

  • This type of condenser has a very large heat exchange surface due to its coil condenser and double jacket and is thus especially suited for working with low boiling point media
  • Two removable plastic olives for inlet and outlet of the cooling medium
  • Tight closure due to standard ground joint


NS 24/29
Non-DIN Size
Borosilicate Glass (3.3), PBT, Polypropylene, Silicone
use as a reflux condenser for condensation and feedback of the (solvent) vapor to the reaction mixture; Distillation; All condensers are special sizes and not according to DIN
1 Ea.
250 mm
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