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IBA Lifesciences Strep-Tactin™ Sepharose™ Resin

Strep-Tactin™ Sepharose™ resin is a 50% suspension to purify Strep-tag™II or Twin-Strep-tag™ fusion proteins

Marca:  IBA Lifesciences 2-1201-025

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  • Strep-Tactin™ Sepharose™ is a 4% agarose coupled with the streptavidin variant Strep-Tactin™ and applicable for purification of Strep-tag™II or Twin-Strep-tag™ fusion proteins.
  • Due to the low concentrated agarose, it is particularly suitable for large proteins, especially if the affinity to Strep-Tactin™XT 4Flow™ is too high.
  • The wide-meshed polymer allows for the simple attachment of larger proteins to the stationary phase.
  • The suspension can be used for packing of gravity flow columns since the resin is optimized for column affinity chromatography, rather than for batch purification.
  • To pack a column with 1 ml resin bed volume, 2 ml 50% suspension is necessary.

Please note that Strep-Tactin™ Sepharose™ is not compatible with HPLC/FPLC due to the low pressure stability.



Pack affinity chromatography columns for protein purification
Sospensione sefarosio Strep-Tactin
4 ml


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Offerte speciali

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