Morsetti, sostegni e supporti

R&L Enterprises™ Morsetto per stativo

Enables articles from 2 to 90mm in diameter to be clamped securely. R&L Enterprises™ Retort Stand Clamps feature aluminum alloy jaws with other parts of plated brass. X5 HEAVY CHARGE CLAMP

R&L Enterprises™ Morsa per contenitore di reazione in acciaio placcato in lega/zinco

Designed to support Quickfit reaction vessels. R&L Enterprises™ Reaction Vessel Clamps have glass fibre covered jaws opening up to 180mm maximum. PINZA PER REATTORE 1 A 20L

R&L Enterprises™ Doppio morsetto

Securely holds burettes in place during the construction of laboratory retort stands. R&L Enterprises™ Double Burette Clamps are suitable for burettes up to 100mL capacity. PINZA 2 BURETTE FINO A 100 ML

R&L Enterprises™ Aste in acciaio zincato

An excellent option for the construction of retort stands in the laboratory. R&L Enterprises™ Zinc Plated Rods are manufactured from mild steel.

Thermo Scientific™ Piedistallo da banco Heraguard™ ECO Clean

Choose from fixed, manual and electrically adjustable floor stands for the Thermo Scientific™ Heraguard™ ECO clean bench. CASTORS FOR MANUAL STANDS

R&L Enterprises™ Asta in acciaio inox Rexaloy

An excellent option for the construction of retort stands in the laboratory. R&L Enterprises™ Bright Stainless Steel Rods have a thread diameter of 10mm.
Rod rexaloy threaded m10 stainless steel 600mm x 12.5mm r and l, 1/cs, ma: tbd

Fisherbrand™ Morsetti in lega di alluminio

In lega di alluminio. I morsetti in lega di alluminio Fisherbrand™ sono indicati per aste con un diametro massimo di 16 mm. X5 Bosshead aluminium alloy for rods to 16mm diameter with plastic headed clamping screw

Bochem™ Morsetti per tubi in acciaio inox HOFFMANN™

Linguetta inclusa X10 PINZA PER TUBO 17 MM17MM, 20PZ

R&L Enterprises™ Morsetto

For securely keeping clamps in place on laboratory scaffolding. R&L Enterprises™ Bossheads come with offset jaws for greater strength.

R&L Enterprises™ Pinze per catena con rivestimento in gomma

Provides support for articles from 0 to 150mm in diameter. R&L Enterprises™ Chain Clamps have jaws that are tightened by the use of a plastic-headed tension screw. Clamp chain type 0 - 150mm

Fisherbrand™ Anelli di piombo a C per fiasche

Si adattano comodamente intorno alle fiasche con tubi di collegamento sui bracci laterali. Gli anelli di piombo a C Bel Art per fiasche sono disponibili in quattro combinazioni di diametri/pesi. FLASK STABALIZING OPEN LEAD RING 56MM I.D. FITSflask 500-2000ml

Bel-Art™ Anelli di bloccaggio per scatola a guanti SP Scienceware™

Adjustable rings hold gloves in place X2 FERMAGLIO FISSAGGIO GUANTO

Bel-Art™ Anelli in piombo rivestiti in vinile SP Scienceware™

Per stabilizzare la vetreria costosa. Gli anelli in piombo rivestiti in vinile Bel Art™ SP Scienceware™ non graffiano le fiasche. ANELLO PIOMBATO 19MM 165 G

IKA™ Stainless Steel Plate Stand

Use this plate stand with IKA digital magnetic stirrers. IKA™ Plate Stands features sturdy stainless steel construction and a slip resistant foil. SUPPORTO D16X800MM BASE RETT. R182

Chroma Gesellschaft™ Anello chiuso

Provides for ease of connection on ring stands.  Chroma Gesellschaft™ Closed Stand Rings with Bosshead are manufactured from steel.

Fisherbrand™ Scaffolding Feet

Provides a stable base for laboratory scaffolding. Fisherbrand™ Scaffolding Feet come with holes for screwing the foot to the bench, floor or wall. X4 Stainless steel scaffold feet

Thermo Scientific™ Clamps for CO2 Resistant Shaker

Maximize capacity on the Thermo Scientific™ CO2 Resistant Shaker universal platform with a variety of clamps to fit most vessels. 150ml clamp for CO2 resistant shakerfrom Thermo Scientific

Fisherbrand™ Aluminum Scaffolding Tubes

Provides for sturdy scaffolding construction in the laboratory. Fisherbrand™ Aluminum Scaffolding Tubes are manufactured from a durable aluminum alloy.
Tube aluminium alloy 2m

Fisherbrand™ Piattaforme elevatrici da laboratorio

Provides for precise height adjustment with the turn of a knob. Fisherbrand™ Laboratory Jacks are manufactured from aluminum alloy with a lifting screw in stainless steel. Labjack 170 x 160mm

RL Enterprises™ 131mm Ring With Bossehead


RL Enterprises™ Aste in lega di alluminio

Rod,aluminium alloy plain 200mm

RL Enterprises™ Adapter Rexaloy for bosshead STE-500-010K R and L


R&L Enterprises™ Piastre treppiedi in acciaio inox

An excellent option for supporting retort stands in the laboratory. R&L Enterprises™ Rectangular Retort Stand Bases are manufactured from white acrylic finished steel.

Fisherbrand™ Tight-Seal™ Clamps

One-piece, reusable nylon clamps for hoses and tubing Schlauchklemmen 26,21 bis 30,15

Thermo Scientific™ MaxQ™ Shaker Universal Clamps

Mix and match Thermo Scientific™ MaxQ™ Shaker Universal Clamps, available in a variety of sizes, to suit individual needs in the laboratory. Compatible with MaxQ shaker platforms. TEST TUBE RACK HALF SIZE FOR MAXQ 6000 25MM,blue, 4 x 4 array

R&L Enterprises™ Clip

For ease of connection on ring stands. R&L Enterprises™ Semi-Micro Burette Clamp for Stands comprises two 13mm plastic-coated spring clips mounted 50mm apart on a plate attached to a rod.
Clamp burette for 25 and 50ml burettes

Fisherbrand™ Scaffolding Foot Adapter

Provides a stable base able to be extended at right angles to fit scaffolding feet. Fisherbrand™ Scaffolding Foot Adapters accept 3 x 13mm diameter rods or tubes at right angles - two perpendicular to the boss, the third in line with the boss. Aluminium adapter with wrench

Thermo Scientific™ Universal Platform Clamps for MaxQ™ 8000 Shakers

For use with MaxQ 8000 shakers 5L ERLEN CLAMP

RL Enterprises™ Cast Iron Tripod Spread Base

Cast iron tripod spread base complete with rubberfeet blue 100mm