ATAGO™ Rifrattometro Brix digitale ATAGO™ PR-32α

Misurazione dei valori Brix a bassa concentrazione di succhi di frutta, alimenti vari e bevande, sostanze chimiche e liquidi industriali.Il rifrattometro Brix digitale  ATAGO™ PR-32α è un modello avanzato del PR-32 con una migliore precisione nella misurazione basata sullo sviluppo della nuova tecnologia.  RIFRATTOMETRO AUTOM. 0-32 %BRIX

ATAGO™ Rifrattometro tascabile portatile digitale ATAGO™: PAL-1

Ampia gamma di misurazioni. Il rifrattometro tascabile portatile digitale Atago PAL-1 è ideale per la misurazione di qualsiasi succo di frutta, cibo o bevanda. RIFRATTOM. POCKET PAL1 0-53% BRIX

ATAGO™ Rifrattometro tascabile portatile digitale ATAGO™: PAL-RI

nD 1.3306-1.5284. The ATAGO™ Digital Hand-Held Pocket Refractometer: PAL-RI provides an accuracy of ±0.0003 (water at 20°C). When the start key is pressed after placing some droplets of sample on the prism, the refractive index (resolution 0.0001 ) will be displayed continuously like an electric newsboard. RIFRATTOMETRO POCKET PAL RI

ATAGO™ Rifrattometro Palette digitale ATAGO™: PR-101α

Improved measurement accuracy with “External-Light-Interference” (ELI) technology. The ATAGO™ Digital Palette Refractometer, PR-101α is ideal for mkeasuring Brix values of fruits juice, food and beverage as well as chemicals and industrial solutions such as cutting oil, cleaning liquid and antifreeze. RIFRATTOMETRO AUTOMATICO 0-45°BRIX

Atago™ Abbe NAR-1T Liquid Refractometer

Designed for liquid sample measurement. Atago™ Abbe NAR-1T Liquid Refractometers feature the Refractive Index Scale and the BRIX scale. RIFRATTOMETRO D'ABBE 1T LIQUIDO

ATAGO™ RX-5000α Automatic Digital Refractometer

Can set measurement temperature internally and measures the refractive index, Brix or concentration of various liquids accurately and speedily. The ATAGO™ RX-5000α Automatic Digital Refractometer has a thermo-module to control temperature, so a constant temperature water bath is not necessary.  RIFRATTOMETRO AUTOM. RX5000-ALPHA

Bellingham + Stanley™ Rifrattometro Brix manuale ottico di livello professionale

Manufactured to the highest specification using only the best materials and optical components. Bellingham + Stanley™ Eclipse Hand Held Refractometer is a low-cost, portable instrument used for on-the-spot determination of Refractive Index of liquids or the concentration of solutions. RIFRATTOMETRO MANO ND 1,333-1,420

Atago™ Rifrattometro modello MASTER-93H

Use this heat resistant refractometer for measuring high-temperature samples at their respective production sites. Atago™ MASTER-93H Model Refractometers feature a prism made of corrosion resisting tempered glass for longer service life. RIFRATT. MANO ATC IP65 53-93% BRIX

ATAGO™ Automatic Refractometer, SMART-1

The Atago SMART-1 Automatic Refractometer allows you to measure brix, inverted sugar or High Fructose Corn Syrup concentration in a range of 0.00 to 95.00% and with a high accuracy of ±0.05%. RIFRATTOMETRO AUTOMATICO SMART-1

Reichert™ Rhino Clinical Handheld VET360 Refractometer

Rugged portable refractometer for urine specific gravity and serum/plasma protein readings HAND HELD VETERINARY REFRACTOMETER

Bellingham Stanley™ RFM970-T Peltier Temperature Controlled Refractometer

Designed for applications within the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, flavors and fragrance industries as well as academic research. Bellingham Stanley™ RFM970-T Peltier Temperature Controlled Refractometers feature a wide measuring range and new 7 in. touchscreen user interface. refractometer RFM970-T

Bellingham Stanley™ Rifrattometro portatile

Refractometer OPTi general purpose C1 (Brix 54/RIATC) hand held, dual scale, supplied with 2 x 3V

Atago™ MASTER-53α Refractometer

Easy-to-read, easy-to-hold, and smooth-sampling refractometer. Atago™ MASTER-53α Refractometer is suitable for a wide range of solution sampling. RIFRATT. MANO ATC IP65 0-53% BRIX

Reichert™ Rifrattometri portatili Rhino di lunga durata per fluidi automobilistici

Duo-Chek models test engine coolant and battery charge in factory and field use—fully IP67 water rresistant, dustproof, and impact resistant REFRACTOMETER C COOLANT/ACID

Mettler Toledo™ Carrying Case


Mettler Toledo™ Memo Papers

X10 Memo papers (pack of 10)

Mettler Toledo™ Refracto™ 30GS Portable Refractometer

Offers an extended measuring range due to its special prism design for measurements in laboratory and production environments. REFRACTO 30GSKit

Mettler Toledo™ Refracto™ 30PX Portable Refractometer

For measurements in laboratory and production environments. REFRACTOMETER PORTABLEKit

Mettler Toledo™ Battery Case Cover


Mettler Toledo™ Screw Plug


Mettler Toledo™ Sampling Pump Cover


Mettler Toledo™ Memo Covers

X10 Memo covers (pack of 10)

Mettler Toledo™ Holder


Mettler Toledo™ Filling Tube


Hanna Instruments™ Digital Refractometers

Easy to use tool for measuring sugar in food samples in the field or in the lab that is ideal for the analysis of fruits, energy drinks, puddings, soy milk, juices, jam, marmalade, honey, soups, jelly, tofu and condiments. REFRACTOMETER HI96801

Reichert™ TS Meter-D Automatic Digital Clinical Refractometer

Automatically read samples with precision comparable to high-end automatic refractometers. REFRACTOMETER TS METER-D CLINICAL