Siringhe e siringhe con aghi

Thermo Scientific™ Siringhe monouso interamente in plastica National Target

Queste siringhe monouso interamente in plastica consentono di erogare piccole quantità di liquido o di applicare pressione al filtro mediante i filtri per siringa. X50 DISPOSABLE SYRINGE TARGET LUER-SLIP DISPOSABLEPP barrel/PE plunger non-sterile 30mL

Thermo Scientific™ Siringhe GC per autocampionatore TriPlus™ RSH

Iniezioni accurate, precise e riproducibili con le siringhe GC Thermo Scientific™ per autocampionatore TriPlus™ RSH Thermo Scientific™. Fixed needle syringes 10µlFN RSH 57 mm, 26s Gauge

Thermo Scientific™ Fixed Needle Syringes for GC Instruments

Get accurate, reproducible results from these fixed-needle syringes for Thermo Scientific™ and Agilent GC autosamplers.


BD Siringhe monouso con puntali Luer-Lok™

Unique integrated BD Luer-Lok™ tip syringe with clear barrel. BD Medical™ Disposable Syringes with Luer-Lok™ Tips are sterile and disposable. X100 SIRINGA PP 1ML LUER-LOCK

Terumo™ Agani Hypodermic Needles

Used in conjunction with Terumo™ Polypropylene Syringes. Terumo™ Agani Hypodermic Needles are triple-beveled and silicone lubricated for easy insertion. X100 Hypodermic needle Agani steril 25G 0,5X16mm,standard 11°, color orange

BD Luer-Lok™ Disposable Syringes without Needles

PrecisionGlide™ and Yale™ disposable and reusable needles are available X56 SYRINGE 30ML LUER-LOCK

BD Medical™ BD Micro-Fine™ Insulin Syringe

Specially lubricated for less painful injections. BD Medical™ BD Micro-Fine™ Insulin Syringe are also specially beveled for maximum comfort. X200 Micro Fine Insulin syringe 0,5mL 29G x 12,7mm

Hamilton™ Siringhe Gastight™ serie 1700: Terminale LTN

Gastight version of the original 700 series syringes, ideal for dispensing volumes from 1 up to 500μL MICROSIRINGA 500µL 1750N AGO PST3

Hamilton™ Aghi speciali con cono in metallo (Luer-Lock)

Metal hub (nickel plated brass) needles can be used with TLL syringes and LT or TLL connectors. Needles are 304 stainless steel (sst.). Custom needle lengths and point styles are available. X6 AGO LUER METALLO G18 SPECIALE

BD Siringa ad attacco eccentrico Vacutainer™

Per applicazioni mediche. La siringa ad attacco eccentrico  BD Medical™ Vacutainer™ è graduata e ha una capacità di 20ml.  X120 Syringes sterile disposableluer slip Eccentri

Hamilton™ Aghi a cono Kel-F a punta tagliata (Luer-Lock)

Kel-F hub (KF) needles can be used with Luer Tip (LT) and PTFE Luer Lock (TLL) syringes and connectors. Standard needle length is 2 in. (51mm). Custom lengths and point styles are available. X6 AGO LUER KEL-F G22S PST3

SGE™ Siringhe a tenuta: Modelli Luer-Lok rimovibili

Suitable for liquid and gas samples SIRINGA 100ML GAS LUER LOCK

Terumo™ Agani™ Single-use Sterile Hypodermic Needles

Make procedures as painless as possible with extremely sharp and reliable stainless steel needles. Terumo™ Agani™ Single-use Sterile Hypodermic Needles feature a unique, latex-free double bevel design for maximum comfort. X100 Hypodermic needle Agani steril 25G 0,5X25mm,standard 11°, color orange

Hamilton™ Siringhe Gastight™ serie 1000: Siringhe Luer-Lock, terminale TLL

Mid-volume GASTIGHT syringe ideal for dispensing volumes from 100 μL up to 100 mL.  1010 TLL with slot

Hamilton™ Luer Lock Connectors

Providing a variety of connection solutions in the laboratory. LUER CONNECTOR M/F

Hamilton™ Super Syringe Gastight™ Syringes

Large volume GASTIGHT syringe ideal for dispensing volumes from 50mL up to 2L. The Super Syringe is the only Hamilton syringe that is made with an acrylic barrel instead of a glass barrel. S2000 2L Syr TLL

Thermo Scientific™ eVol™ XR Sample Dispensing System Kit

Get up and running quickly. The Thermo Scientific™ eVol™ Sample Dispensing System Kit includes an eVol XR dispensing system and three syringes (5, 50, and 500μL). EVOL SAMPLE DISPENSING SYSTEM KIT

Thermo Scientific™ Syringes for Thermo Scientific™ HPLC Instruments

Le siringhe per strumenti HPLC Thermo Scientific™ consentono di effettuare iniezioni semplici, accurate e riproducibili. HPLC SYRINGE 500µL FOR THERMO HPLC

Hamilton™ Siringhe Gastight™ serie 1700: Terminale N

Versione Gastight delle siringhe originali serie 700, ideali per l'erogazione di volumi da 1 a 500 μl MICROSIRINGA 25µL 1702N AGO PST2

SGE™ Siringhe a tenuta: Modelli con ago fisso

Per campioni liquidi e gas X6 SK-10F-GT 10UL SYRINGE

Trajan™ Jumbo Syringe

Hold and dispense large gas volumes. Lightweight and ideal for medical equipment calibration. Jumbo syringe 500MAR-LL-GT 0.5 litre

Trajan™ Carlo Erba On-Column Syringe

On-column syringes require the needle OD to be smaller than the ID of the capillary column with which it is used. For use with Carlo Erba products SYRINGE,0.5µL,REMOVABLE NEEDLE,75MM,FOR ON-COLUMN. Stainless Steel

Hamilton™ Siringhe Gastight™ serie 1700: Terminale RN

Gastight version of the original 700 series syringes, ideal for dispensing volumes from 1 up to 500μL MICROSIRINGA 10µL 1701RN AGO PST2 10ul

Hamilton™ Siringhe Gastight™ serie 1000: Siringhe ad ago fisso, terminale LTN, misura 22, lunghezza ago 2 poll.

Mid-volume GASTIGHT syringe ideal for dispensing volumes from 100 μL up to 100 mL. A variety of different terminations and needle options are available in this series. SIRINGA 2 5 ML

Hamilton™ Siringhe Microliter™ serie 700: Terminale N

Siringa originale Hamilton assemblata a mano. MICROSIRINGA 500µL 750NR AGO PST3

SGE™ Siringhe per autocampionatore

La tecnologia Diamond delle siringhe offre maggiore resistenza ai solventi, ampie gamme di temperature e una migliore fluidità operativa. Le siringhe per autocampionatori SGE PAL con ago fisso a punta conica da 50 mm sono utilizzate con autocampionatori CTC, LEAP, CombiPAL, GC PAL, Thermo TriPlus, AS2000, AS3000, AS200/800. Syringe SGE 10F-CTC-5/0.47C fixed needle, cone

Trajan™ Fixed-Needle Autosampler Syringes for Thermo Scientific Instruments

For reduced non specific sample interaction and increased analyte recovery 10F-BT-GT-5/0.63C 10UL SYRINGE

Hamilton™ Siringhe per autocampionatori PAL LC Microliter™ e Gastight™ con tecnologie CTC e LEAP

Per l'uso con CTC LC PAL, HTC PAL, HTS PAL HTX PAL, PAL HTC-xt, PAL HTS-xt, PAL HTX-xt estesi e altri sistemi di autocampionamento SYRINGE HAMILTON CTC LC / HTC / HTS PAL 1750 Nfixed needle glass needle 22 gauge, point style 3

Hamilton™ Aghi a cono amovibili piccoli (siringhe da 2.5 - 100 μl)

Gli aghi a cono rimovibili piccoli (RN) si possono utilizzare con le siringhe rimovibili (RN) da 100 μl e volumi inferiori. La lunghezza standard dell'ago è 2 inch (51 mm). Sono disponibili misure, lunghezze e tipi di punta personalizzati. X6 AGO RN G22S PST3 51MM

Hamilton™ Siringhe serie 7000 Modified Microliter™

This series of syringes is ideal for dispensing volumes from 0.05 µL up to 5 µL. The 7000 series is the only zero dead volume syringe. The fine gauge plunger wire travels to the tip of the needle ensuring that all solvent is expelled from the needle. MICROSIRINGA 0,5µL 7000.5KH AGO