Thermo Scientific™ 0.1 mL Individual UTW Tubes

Reduce incubation times during PCR with these ultra-thin wall individual PCR tubes with attached flat caps. PCR TUBE W/CLR CAP,WHITE 960/CS

Kimble™ KIMAX™ Conical-Bottom Glass Centrifuge Tubes: 15mL Capacity

Withstand centrifugation up to 2980 RCF X125 TUBO BORO CONICO 17X126MM

Thermo Scientific™ Graduated Safelock Microcentrifuge Tubes

Easily confirm your microcentrifuge tube is locked for superior security during centrifugation. X1000 TUBO 0,6ML SAFELOCK GRAD ST

Thermo Scientific™ Provette a fondo sferico Nunc™ da 14 ml,

Perform critical cellular applications with these 14mL round-bottom tubes. X500 Tube Thermo Scientific Nunc round bottom

Provette monouso in vetro senza bordo PYREX™

Manufactured from borosilicate glass to reduce pH changes and contaminants. Corning™ PYREX™ Disposable Round-Bottom Rimless Glass Tubes are designed for both tissue culture and general bacteriological work. X250 tube round base rimless 18x150mm 28,5ml boro

Fisherbrand™ Black Polypropylene Screw Caps for Glass Specimen Vials

Chiusura a vite di protezione per sigillare fiale in vetro per campioni basse o alte. I tappi a vite Fisherbrand™ in polipropilene nero per fiale in vetro per campioni sono rivestiti con una lamina e sono disponibili in numerosi formati, sia alti che bassi. X300 Screw cap,black,polypropylene,foil lined,OD 23.4mm,ID 21.8mm,For neck bore 15.5mm vials

Thermo Scientific™ Provette singole da 0.5 ml

Minimize sample loss with the “snap shut” lids on these individual 0.5mL tubes for PCR applications. TUBO PCR 0,5ML PIATTO VIOLA

Kimble™ KIMAX™ Reusable Borosilicate Glass Tubes with Plain End

Without marking spot X720 Culture Tube, Rim Top N-51ABoro.Glass 6x50 mm

Thermo Scientific™ PCR Tubes and Plates

Efficiently perform applications with these PCR tubes and plates, molded from 100% virgin polypropylene. X1000 PCR microtubes 0,2 ml with flat lid,purple

Fisherbrand™ Provette monouso in vetro borosilicato con tappo a vite in polipropilene

Provides chemical stability and biological inertness of hard, borosilicate glass — at price of disposable tubes Tube culture screw thread with polypropylene

Kimble™ Provette per centrifuga a fondo conico in vetro: Capacità 10 ml

Use these tubes for centrifugation up to 2980 RCF. KIMAX™ Conical-Bottom Glass Centrifuge Tubes are plastic shrink-wrapped in modular trays for cleanliness and safety. Manufactured from 51 expansion, low extractable borosilicate glass. X6 TUBO BORO CONI 17X117 GRAD ROD

Fisherbrand™ Provette per microcentrifuga graduate a testa piatta Snap-Cap™

Available as sterile and nonsterile X1000 TUBO 0,6ML GIALLO

Fisherbrand™ Provette in vetro borosilicato 3.3

X100 BORO TUBE 10X75MM EP0,9-1,0

Fisherbrand™ Provetta in vetro borosilicato 3.3

Use round-bottom Fisherbrand™ 3.3 Borosilicate Glass Test Tubes for laboratory needs when heat resistance is critical. These disposable test tubes are thick-walled and autoclavable. X100 BORO TUBE 16X130MM EP1,1-1,2

Kimble™ KIMAX™ Reusable Tubes with Rubber-Lined Screw Cap

Black phenolic cap with inert rubber liner X24 TUBO COLTURA 38X200 CAP VITE

Fisherbrand™ Free-Standing Microcentrifuge Tubes with Screw Caps

Autoclavable polypropylene 2.0ML SC-MCT (FS) & CAP WITH O

Corning™ Provette per centrifuga in polipropilene (PP)

Manufactured from clear polypropylene for superior chemical resistance. Corning™ Polypropylene Centrifuge Tubes are an ideal solution for centrifuge needs. X102 BOTTIGLIA CENTRI PP 250ML ST

Fisherbrand™ Provetta in vetro borosilicato 5.1

Measure, mix and pour using Fisherbrand™ 5.1 Borosilicate Glass Disposable Test Tubes. Tubes are rimmed and are available in various lengths. X50 BORO TUBE 25X200MM EP0,6-0,7

Kimble™ Kontes™ Hybridization Tubes

Made of Type I, Class A borosilicate glass X2 HYBRIDIZATION TUBE 35X300mm

Thermo Scientific™ Screw Cap Micro Tubes

Pure Protection: Prepare, transfer and store samples securely with Thermo Scientific Screw Cap Microtubes. Available in multiple volumes, packaging options and clean claims.

X500 MICROCENTRIFUGE TUBES MBP STERILE, FREESTANDIng screw cap & O-ring attached polypropylene

Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ High-Speed Round-Bottom PPCO Centrifuge Tubes

Improve rotor fit and performance using Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ High-Speed Round-Bottom PPCO Centrifuge Tubes, featuring uniform wall thickness and diameter. X100 TUBO CENTRI PPCO RD 50ML BOR

Provette per coltura monouso PYREX™ con estremità filettata

Made from borosilicate glass for use with samples sensitive to leaching from plastic tubes. Corning™ Pyrex™ Round Bottom Threaded Culture Tubes are designed for tissue culture and general bacteriological work. X1000 TUBO PYREX 16X100MM FD RD

Fisherbrand™ Bead Mill Homogenizer Accessory, 2mL Reinforced Tubes with Screw Caps and O-Rings

For use with Bead Mill 4 and 24 Homogenizers Fisherbrand Reinforced 2ml tubes with screw caps a

Thermo Scientific™ Molecular BioProducts™ PCR Tubes and Plates

Molded from 100% virgin polypropylene X1000 tube,pcr,.2ml w/dom cap,yellow

Fisherbrand™ Provette in vetro sodico-calcico

Use Fisherbrand™ Soda Glass Cell Culture Test Tubes to analyze cell culture material that are critical to diagnoses and experimentation. X250 TUBO SODO 12X75MM EP0,5-0,6

PYREX™ Borosilicate Glass Flat Bottom Culture Tubes

Manufactured from borosilicate glass to reduce pH changes and contaminants. Corning™ PYREX™ PYREX™ Borosilicate Glass Flat Bottom Culture Tubes are designed for both tissue culture and general bacteriological work. X1000 Disposable Flat Bottom Threaded Tube, Pyrex, 16x125mm, no Caps, bulk pack, Nonsterile, 250/bag

Fisherbrand™ Provette monouso in vetro borosilicato con estremità filettata

Available with or without marking spot X1000 Tube, threaded, uncovered, 20X150MM

Fisherbrand™ Provette per microcentrifuga Premium: 2.0 ml

Flat-top snap caps provide a safe, liquid-tight, reliable seal even with prolonged boiling 2.0ml FIS PREM MCT 05-408-145

Thermo Scientific™ Strisce di provette da 0.2 ml

Optimize PCR and qPCR with these 0.2 mL strip tubes, available as 8 tubes per strip in several colors or 12 tubes per strip. BARRETTA 8X0,2ML CAP DOM VIO