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Merck Piastre per dosaggio MultiScreen™ da 96 pozzetti per la preparazione dei campioni

For the isolation, purification, and preparation of samples prior to testing in drug discovery processes and protein and DNA applications

Marca:  Merck MAIPN0B50

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Formats are suitable for removal of large particulates, resin-based separations, solvent applications, and protein/DNA concentration or purification. Versatile separation system combines a microplate with Millipore's membrane filtration to simplify and optimize drug discovery techniques, biochemical assays, and traditional sample preparation.

  • Use with a vacuum manifold, automated liquid-handling system, or microplate scintillation counter—entire assays can be performed on one plate
  • Membrane-to-plate seal ensures no reagent crosstalk and limited optical crosstalk Patented underdrain support structure allows liquid volumes to be maintained for incubation times of up to 21 days
  • Also ensures quantitative filtrate transfer to a receiver plate placed in bottom of manifold

Choice of filter materials

  • For high protein binding applications, use plates with Immobilon™-P PVDF or mixed cellulose esters For high nucleic acid binding, use plates with mixed cellulose esters, glass fiber, or positively charged DEAE membranes For charged biomolecule separations, choose from positively charged DEAE or negatively charged phosphocellulose membranes
  • For low biomolecule binding, use plates with hydrophilic Durapore™ PVDF, Biopore™ PTFE, or polycarbonate membranes
  • For assays that require solvent resistance, use plates with hydrophilic PTFE membranes

Each microporous membrane interacts distinctly with different proteins or biomolecules; therefore, it may be necessary to test different membrane types for each assay.



8 x 12
0.28 cm2
Hydrophobic PVDF
0.45 μm
Protein interaction assays, avidin biotin linkages, DNA binding proteins
8.55 cm


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