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Cytiva GenomiPhi HY DNA Amplification Kit

Highly efficient and representative whole-genome amplification yielding 40 to 50μg from nanogram amounts of DNA sample

Marca:  Cytiva 25-6600-22

Dettagli aggiuntivi : CAS : 7732-18-5 Peso : 0.50000kg

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Includes: Sample Buffer, reaction buffer, enzyme mix, and control λ DNA



  • Starting material can be purified DNA or nonpurified cell lysates
  • Simple protocol provides typical DNA of 40 to 50μg, average lengths >10kb
  • Less hands-on time compared to traditional isolation methods
  • Representative amplification of the whole genome
  • Automation-friendly protocol with great reproducibility
  • High-quality DNA for array CGH, high-throughput genotyping, DNA archival, PCR, restriction enzyme digestion, hybridization, and cloning
  • Contains all of the components necessary for genomic DNA preparation by isothermal strand displacement amplification



Store the kit at -70°C.The enzyme mix must be stored at -70°C; all other components may be stored at -20°C.Thaw components on ice and maintain at 0°C to 4°C during handling.
Genomic DNA Amplification
> 10 kb
Illustra GenomiPhi HY DNA Amplification Kit offers highly efficient and representative whole-genome amplification with 40 to 50 μg yield from nanogram amounts of DNA sample.
565μL Sample Buffer, 565μL Reaction Buffer, 65μL Enzyme mix, 20μL Control DNA (lambda)
illustra GenomiPhi HY DNA Amplification Kit
4 h


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