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Hamilton™ PRP™-X200 Cation Exchange Columns

Analyze inorganic and organic cations using conductivity or UV detection. Separate mono or divalent cations depending on mobile phase conditions from 20 ppb to 200 ppm.

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Can be used with any existing HPLC or ion chromatograph to easily determine cations in air, water and soil. PRP-X200 columns provide a number of benefits

Better than Wet Chemical Methods

  • Ion chromatography will greatly reduce sample pretreatment and improve the accuracy and precision of results.
  • High Sensitivity
    • Separate ions at concentrations from 20ppb to 20ppm without suppression or elaborate preconcentration techniques
  • Long Column Life
    • Highly inert polymeric support resists chemical attack from organic solvents and aqueous buffers (0-100% aqueous or organic; pH 1 to 13), effectively lengthening column life. If column performance should deteriorate (peak broadening and a loss of symmetry), a regeneration protocol will usually return your chromatography to its original state.
  • Analyze Mono or Divalent Cations
    • Quickly and easily separate five monovalent cations in five minutes or four divalent cations in four minutes
  • Unique Selectivity
    • Highly inert poly(styrene-divinylbenzene) packing allows the use of organic modifier. By varying the concentration of methanol the resolution between cations can be altered.

    • One particle size: 10°m
    • Four column internal diameters: 2.1 to 10.0mm
    • Two column materials: 316 stainless steel and PEEK
    • Analytical and semiprep/preparative guard columns



    Analytical Column
    2 mL/min
    250 mm
    pH 1 to 13, 0 to 100% aqueous, organic modifier
    1 to 13
    5°C to 60°C
    Ion Exchange
    Stainless Steel
    4.1 mm
    Analyzing Inorganic and Organic Cations Using Conductivity or UV Detection
    5000 psi (345 bar)
    10 μm
    100 Å
    PSDVB/Sulfonic Acid
    Ion Exchange
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