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Horiba™ Multiparameter Water Quality Meter Kit

Tough and powerfully designed multiparameter water tester. Horiba™ Multiparameter Water Quality Meter Kit simultaneously measures and indicates results for up to 11 parameters.

Marca:  Horiba™ U52G10M

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  • Auto-calibration feature provides hassle free calibration of pH, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, turbidity and depth.
  • Shock-resistant cover designed for rough treatment in the field and is easily cleaned.
  • Cable can be easily connected and disconnected with quick-connect fitting.
  • Auto hold function freezes average data values on the screen to offer more time to verify or transcribe data.
  • Diagnostic functions notify the user of errors.
  • Integral USB connection for data transfer to a PC. USA cable is sold separately and includes software.
  • Selectable measurement units allow the operator to report data without the need to convert data to desired units of measure.
  • Multiple sensors allow for the measurement of 11 parameters simultaneously (pH, pH(mv), ORP, DO, COND, Salinity, TDS, Seawater Specific Gravity, Temperature, Turbidity, Water Depth).
  • Turbidity sensor U-53 conforms to US EPA method 180.1.
  • Precision has been improved over conventional instruments.
  • Replaceable turbidity sensor with wiper has a resolution of 0.01 NTU.
  • Turbidity sensor of U-54 conforms to EN ISO 7027. The model U-54 has a resolution of 0.01 NTU.
  • Improved stability of the dissolved oxygen sensor has been achieved with a new 3 electrode design for fast response and polarographic sensor for ease of maintenance.
  • pH and ORP electrodes can be replaced individually to reduce replacement costs


±1% F.S.
±3 PPT
Turbidity: ±5% or ±1NTU, whichever is greater.
4 C Alkaline
Probe: 340 mm, Cable: 2 m standard, 10 m, 30 m options
Portable multiparameter water quality meter.
Turbidity: 0 to 800NTU
0.1% F.S.
Conductivity conversion
96 mm probe
Turbidity: LED light source and 30° scattering method.
0 to 100 mS/cm
0 to 100g/L
0 to 20mg/L: ±0.2mg/L20 to 50mg/L: ±0.5mg/L
~70 hr. (without backlight)
Analyzer and Probe
−2000mV - +2000mV
0.000 to 0.999mS/cm:0.001 1.00 to 9.99mS/cm: 0.0110.0 to 99.9mS/cm: 0.10.0 to 99.9mS/m: 0.10.100 to 0.999S/m: 0.0011.00 to 9.99S/m: 0.01
0.1 PPT
Turbidity: 0 to 99.9NTU: 0.1, 100 to 800NTU: 1.0
JIS class B platinum thermometer sensor (±0.3+0.005 |t|)
1800 g
LCD, 320 X 240, Backlit (black and white)
0 to 70 PPT (permillage)
0 to 14
-10°C to +55°C