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Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Wide-Mouth Translucent Amber HDPE Packaging Bottles with Closure: Bulk Pack

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Capacità (sistema metrico):
125 mL
250 mL
500 mL
Dimensione chiusura:
38-415 mm
43-415 mm
53-415 mm
Les retours ne sont pas autorisés pour ce produit. Consulta la politica di reso
Les retours ne sont pas autorisés pour ce produit. Consulta la politica di reso

Protect light-sensitive products with these wide-mouth translucent amber HDPE packaging bottles.

Protect light-sensitive products with Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Wide-Mouth Translucent Amber HDPE Packaging Bottles. These translucent, high-density polyethylene bottles meet USP requirements for light-resistant containers.

  • Translucent amber HDPE bottle with opaque amber PP closure
  • Protects light-sensitive products while allowing user to see contents
  • Wide mouth for easy filling and dispensing of liquids and powders
  • Leakproof†

Ordering Information:

Bottles and closures are packed in separate polybags within the same carton.

Capacità 8 oz., 250 mL
Capacità (sistema metrico) 250 mL
Capacità (sistema imperiale) 8 oz.
Colore Translucent Amber
Descrizione Wide-Mouth Packaging Bottles
Diametro (sistema metrico) interno collo 33 mm
Materiale HDPE
N. per custodia 250
N. per confezione 250
Tipo Wide Mouth Packaging Bottle
Colore chiusura Opaque Amber
Finitura collo 43 mm
Certificazione/Conformità Manufactured in compliance with ISO 13485:2016 quality requirements. Bottles and Closures meet the requirements of 21CFR177.1520 for food and beverage use, USP Classs VI. Product meets the requirements for light-resistant containers per USP latest edition.
Closure Included Yes
Dimensione chiusura 43-415 mm
Materiale chiusura Polypropylene
Tipo di chiusura Screw (Bulk Packed, Unassembled)
Diametro (sistema metrico) 61 mm
Altezza (sistema imperiale) 5.15 in.
Altezza (sistema metrico) 131 mm
Bocca Wide
Forma Round
Erogazione attraverso la chiusura No
Larghezza (sistema imperiale) 2.4 in.
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† The term “leakproof” applies to Thermo Scientific Nalgene products that meet the following criteria: a) Bottle/flask/funnel closure systems with closures smaller than 100mm, after they are filled with water, inverted, withstand air pressure of 2psig for two minutes, and no water escapes;. b) Bottle/funnel/flask closure systems of larger than 100mm after they are filled with water, inverted for 15 minutes, and no water escapes. Note: these tests, using other liquids, may not yield the same results. To ensure safe usage, customers are advised to test Thermo Scientific Nalgene bottles and closures under conditions of their planned applications. Thermo Scientific Nalgene products are leakproof at ambient temperature and pressure when used with their Nalgene closures.