Metro™ Deep Ledge Utility Carts

Useful for a variety of transportation and temporary storage tasks. Metro™ Deep Ledge Utility Carts features a deep ledge design that keeps items from sliding off of the cart. CARRELLO 3 VASCHE HDPE 55X83 CM

Bochem™ Carrelli da laboratorio in acciaio inox

In acciaio inox. I carrelli da laboratorio in acciaio inox BOCHEM™ permettono il trasporto sicuro di articoli importanti. CARRELLO UTILITARIORUOTE ORIENTABILI

Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Autoclavable Dolly

For moving smalls tanks and carboys SUPPORTO ROTABILE AUTOCLAVABILE

Fisherbrand™ accuSpin™ 1/1R Benchtop Centrifuge Carts

Accessory for benchtop centrifuge carts SAFETY TROLLEY FOR VENTILATED

Metro™ myCart Series™ Utility Cart, Gray

Make toting things around your workplace easier. Metro myCart Series™ features easy-to-clean, durable, and user-friendly polymer carts. MYCART 2-SHELF GRAY, CHROME-PLATED 465X800X901MM

Cole-Parmer™ Rubbermaid Flat Shelf Cart

Ideal cart for general factory, health care, retail, food service, or office use. Cole-Parmer™ Rubbermaid Flat Shelf Cart features large, non-marking casters that glide easily on hard surfaces. CARRELLO PP NERO 2 RIP. 112X65CM

Labconco™ Flexi-Bin Cart

The Labconco Flexi-Bin Cart provides for safe transport of glassware and chemical containers. Flexi-Bin Laboratory CartFlexi-Bin Cart with 10" Bin

Cole-Parmer™ Carrello multiuso in acciaio inox

Use these durable utility carts for a variety of general laboratory storage and transportation. Cole-Parmer™ Stainless Steel Utility Cart fabricated from a tough, high-density polyethylene and provide an excellent chemical resistance to most substances, including most acids and bases. TROLLEY HDPE AND STEEL ON SWIVEL CASTERS SLATEshelf: 832mm x 546mm, overall height 1041mm

Bochem™ Cart Guide Roll D100

Replace worn laboratory cart wheels with this steel bracket and plastic wheel component. Bochem™ Cart Guide Roll D100 fits 3/4inch tube shafts. GUIDE ROLL D100

Metro™ MW100 Series Utility Carts


Blanco™ Serving Trolley

Use for transport, temporary storage and stocking. Blanco™ Serving Trolley features an extra sturdy design and high-quality stainless steel for sturdy transportation of everything loaded onto them. They are light and easy to maneuver, with corrosion-resistant synthetic steering castors. CARRELLO INOX 2 RIPIANI 80X50CM

Fisherbrand™ Mini carrello pieghevole

Ripiegabili per ottenere una dimensione compatta, i minicarrelli Fisher Scientific sono realizzati plastica ABS antiurto con acciaio cromato ad elevata durata. FOLDING CART MINI LARGE NON-SKIDplatform, foldsfor easy storage high impact plasti

Cole-Parmer™ Carrello di servizio con ripiano profondo

Resistenti carrelli di servizio per trasporto e conservazione generici in laboratorio. Carrello di servizio con ripiano profondo Cole-Parmer™ in robusto polietilene ad alta densità, che garantisce un'eccellente resistenza alla maggior parte delle sostanze chimiche, inclusi acidi e basi TROLLEY HDPE AND STEEL ON SWIVEL CASTERS,adjustable centre shelves blue shelf: 832mm x

Fisherbrand™ Aluminum Foldup Cart

Fisherbrand Aluminum Foldup Cart lets you move heavy lab equipment, chemicals, drums, and cases of glassware with ease. FOLD UP CART LIGHTWEIGHT, FOLDS TObriefcase size, solid rubber wheels, aluminium

Welch™ Trolley System

Trolley and dewar vessels for Chemvac pump

Fisherbrand™ Aluminum Foldup Hand Truck

Folds completely to briefcase size for easy storage FOLD UP HAND TRUCK LIGHTWEIGHT, FOLDSto compact size, solid rubber 16.5cm tyres, alumin

Cole-Parmer™ Phenolic Base Trolley

Trolley phenolic base melamine high pressurelaminate surface base dimensions 508mm x 600mm

Metro™ Standard-Duty Mobile Security Units, Stainless Steel

Secure the most important items in your lab. Metro Standard-Duty Mobile Security Units provide protection of valuable materials and sensitive items from loss or pilferage. Available in a sleek, easy-to-clean stainless steel finish. Security Storge-Mobile St. St. - SEC66S-SD

Metro™ Lab Cart, Autoclavable

Move and clean your equipment with ease. Metro Lab Cart, preconfigured with a choice of two or three shelves, is itself autoclavable - making cleanup a breeze. 18X24X39 Labcarts-Autoclv-2-Sl - LC2S1824

Metro™ MetroMax Q Stem Caster Mobile Security Unit

Secure your lab's property. Metro MetroMax Q Stem Caster Mobile Security Unit provides movable protection to valuable materials and sensitive items, keeping them safe from loss or pilferage as they are moved around your location. Metromax Q Mobile Unit - MQSEC53VE

Metro™ Lab Animal Feed (LAR) Cart

Keep feeding efforts to a minimum. Metro Lab Animal Feed Cart is a two-shelf unit on casters making feeding laboratory animals more convenient for staff. Feed Cart - LAR1

Metro™ Stem Caster

Used for mobile cart wash applications. Stem Casters-Rigid-Polurethane - 5MPRGSA

Metro™ Standard-Duty Mobile Security Units-Stainless Steel

Security Storge-Mobile St. St. - SEC65S-SD

Agencinox™ Stainless Steel Trolleys

Use these trolleys for a variety of applications. Agencinox™ Stainless Steel Trolleys are made of 18/10 stainless steel with bright polish finishing. CARRELLO ALLU/INOX 2 RIP. 60X40CM

AB Idesta™ Stainless Steel Trolleys


Metro™ Stem Caster

Used for mobile cart wash applications. Stem Casters-Rigid-High Modulu - 5MDRGSA

Metro™ Cage Rack Covers, Autoclavable

Sized to fit Metro autoclavable cage racks 18X60 Cart Cover-Autoclave - LC1860AC

Metro™ Lab Cart Accessory, Vinyl Cover

Protects shelf contents from dust and other airborne contaminants with a Metro Lab Cart Vinyl Cover Crt Cvr Blu Vnyl Gwb2 Gwt2Crt - GWSVC62