Occhiali, occhiali di sicurezza e mascherine

Ansell™ Occhiali per camera sterile BioClean Clearview™ monouso, sterili

Use for safety in cleanroom environments. BioClean Clearview™ Sterile Single Use Cleanroom Goggles are anti-fogging and optically correct for clear vision. X60 Goggles, sterilised, PVC frameX60 Goggles, sterilised, PVC frame, ISO Class

Sperian™ Occhiali di sicurezza con lenti non rivestite per la protezione di viso e occhi Honeywell™ Polyfort™

For general use and protection against impact up to 45m/s. Sperian™ Honeywell™ POLYSAFE™ Clear Uncoated Safety Glasses fit comfortably over prescription glasses.

Schermo facciale Honeywell™ Clearways

Offering both strength and durability with economical replacement visors available in acetate or polycarbonate. Sperian™ Honeywell™ Clearways Faceshields are lightweight and comfortable enough to wear all day. VISOR CLEAR ACETATE 200MM DEEP FOR CLEARWAYSFACESHIELD

Sperian™ Occhiali di protezione in policarbonato Flex Seal

Fits a wide variety of workers and can be worn over prescription eyewear and with half-mask respirators. Sperian™ Honeywell™ V-Maxx™ Ventilated Safety Glasses have a sporty style for increased wearer acceptance. OCCHIALI-MASCHERA FLEX SEAL

Bolle Protection™ Occhiali di sicurezza Universal™

Manufactured by Bolle Protection™ Universal Safety Glasses adapt to all face shapes thanks to B-Flex bridge and pivoting temples. LUNETTE UNIVERSAL INCOLOREbridge & pivoting temples polycarbonate/TPR low

3M™ Occhiali di sicurezza in policarbonato

To be worn their own or over current style prescription spectacles. 3M™ Überbrille Visitor Glasses lenses with integrated molded sideshields and browguards provide maximum protection. Visitor Schutzbrille AS/UV, PC, Rahmen klar

Bolle Protection™ Elite Model Safety Goggles

Ventilated safety goggles. Bolle Protection™ Elite Model Safety Goggles combine protection and great all-around vision. OCCHIALI MASCHERA ELITE

3M™ Occhiali protettivi utilizzabili sopra gli occhiali da vista in policarbonato

A reliable, economical choice in vision safety. 3M™ Tour-Guard™ III Protective Over-the-Glass Eyewear features durable, sturdy construction to help protect sight with confidence and clarity. SURLUNETTE 0X2000

3M™ 2890 Series Polycarbonate Lens Safety Goggles

Safety glasses AF / UV, A, without clearVents (gas tight)

3M™ Occhiali di protezione in policarbonato OX

Wear alone or over prescription glasses. 3M™ OX3000 Polycarbonate Cover Spectacles with adjustable lens angle and temple length provide optimal fit. Straight, flat, adjustable straps are compatible with 3M™ Earmuffs. Soft and narrow strap ends provide comfortable wear. COVER SPECTACLES OX3000 CLEAR POLYCARBONATE LENSclear frame Arearo, 1/Cs, MA: TBD

3M™ Versaflo™ Faceshield with Comfort Faceseal

A lightweight faceshield that provides respiratory, eye and face protection when suitably connected to an AS/NZS1716 compliant air supply system. HEADTOP 3M(TM) VERSAFLO(TM) M-SERIES M-106 WITHcoated visor and comfort faceshield for powered-ai

Bibby Scientific™ Ingranditore Stuart™

Utilizzare questa lente d'ingrandimento con i contacolonie Stuart™ SC6. MAGNIFIERS X3

3M™ Occhiali di sicurezza in policarbonato

La lunghezza del modello è regolabile per maggiore conformità e comfort. Gli occhiali di sicurezza protettivi in policarbonato 3M offrono un'eccellente resistenza agli urti. Safety Glasses

3M™ Maxim Series Polycarbonate Lens Safety Goggles

Maxim goggles DX / UV, PC, Bronzetinted, black frame

Bolle Protection™ Occhiali di protezione Spider SPIFLASH

Sporty looking safety glasses that provide protection for outdoor activities. Bolle Protection™ Spider SPIFLASH Safety Glasses come with anti-scratch/anti-fog lenses. SAFETY GLASSES FLASH RED

Bolle Protection™ Cobra COBFTPSI Safety Glasses

Wraparound, perfect optical quality safety glasses with 180 degree vision. Bolle Protection™ Cobra COBFTPSI Safety Glasses come with anti-scratch/anti-fog coatings. COBRA SAFETY GLASSES PIVOTING LEG

Honeywell Safety Products™ Supervizor SV9PGFH Gold-Coated Abrasion-Resistant Faceshield

Robust, heavy-duty, helmet-mountable faceshield for use in high heat and high IR environments. Supervizor SV9PGFH Gold-Coated Abrasion-Resistant Faceshield is suitable for use in steel mills and metals processing facilities. VISIERA PC RICOPERTA ORO

Sperian™ Polysafe


3M™ SecureFit™ SF600 Series Safety Glasses

Comprised of a semi-rimless lens and fixed-length temple arm. 3M™ SecureFit™ SF600 Series Safety Glasses include an integrated side shield for added protection. SecureFit 600 Safety Glasses, Grey frame, Anti-Scratch, I/O Mirror Lens, SF610AS-EU

3M™ Occhiali protettivi SecureFit™

Tecnologia Pressure Diffusion Temple che aiuta a diffondere la pressione sull'orecchio per migliorare il comfort della struttura X20 SecureFit SF201, PC clear lens w / AS coating

3M™ Occhiali di sicurezza in policarbonato

Lunghezza del modello regolabile per adattamento e comfort maggiori. Gli occhiali di sicurezza in policarbonato 3M sono estremamente resistenti agli urti. Comfort Line Modern Spectacles (Smoke)

3M™ Polypropylene Over Eye Glass


Univet™ Support Screen Kit


UVP Occhiali di protezione dai raggi UV

Designed to block ultraviolet radiation of 254 to 365nm as well as longwave blue haze. UVP™ UV Blocking Eyewear provides optimum contrast in viewing and lessened eye fatigue with spectacles, goggles and faceshields that minimize eye and face UV exposure. Spectacles UV protection against UV303 for smalllocalised ultraviolet sources UVP, 1/Cs, MA: TBD

Bolle Protection™ Occhiali di protezione in policarbonato X90

Feel the ventilation capability of the Bolle Protection™ X90 Model Polycarbonate Safety Goggles as they are worn.The lens coating features an is anti-fog, anti-scratch surface. FACEMASK GLASSES X90

Bolle Protection™ Occhiali di protezione GSK-VISPI

In policarbonato. I sovraocchiali GSK-VISPI Bolle Protection™ possono essere indossati sopra gli occhiali da vista. COVER SPECTACLES VISITEUR PC CLEAR

Honeywell™ Schermo facciale Honeywell™ Supervizor

Robust, heavy-duty, helmet-mounted face shield range with hearing protection compatibility. Sperian™ Honeywell™ Supervizor Face Shields have a wide visor selection that can be tailored to the specific hazard/application. VISIERA POLICARBONATO 44X23CM

Fisherbrand™ Lenti di ingrandimento pieghevoli Hands-Free

Allow two-handed examination of objects while yielding a sharp, crisp and distinct image FOLD-UP MAGNIFIER 2.0' (3.5X)

3M™ Occhiali protettivi Solus™ serie 1000

Rivestimento antiappannamento Scotchgard™ in grado di resistere all'appannamento per un periodo più lungo rispetto ai rivestimenti tradizionali, anche dopo più lavaggi. X20 Solus 1000 PC, clear SGAF / AS, Blue / Black