Forni e stufe

Memmert™ Forno universale a convezione naturale con display singolo

Controllo della temperatura accuratissimo, uniforme e delicato per una vasta gamma di applicazioni. Il forno universale a convezione naturale con display singolo Memmert™ è realizzato in robusto acciaio inossidabile. Oven UN750 SingleDISPLAY 749L 30-300°C 2 grids

Thermo Scientific™ Vacutherm Vacuum Heating and Drying Ovens

Dry up to six times faster than when using conventional units. These ovens feature excellent heat transfer and fast heating up time, minimizing operation time. A variety of options allow application-specific configurations.

Memmert™ Forno per paraffina con TwinDISPLAY

Hot air sterilizers. Memmert™ Universal Oven U is used for sterilizing of instruments and laboratory glass. Oven UN110 SingleDISPLAY 108L 30-300°C 2 grids

Memmert™ Forced-air Convection Oven with TwinDISPLAY

Offers precise, even and gentle temperature control for a diverse range of applications. Memmert™ Forced-air Convection Oven with TwinDISPLAY are durable even with heavy use. OVEN UF450PLUS TWINDISPLAY 449L 30-300°C 2 GRIDS

Memmert™ Forno con convezione ad aria forzata con SingleDISPLAY

Controllo della temperatura preciso, uniforme e delicato per diverse applicazioni. I forni a convezione forzata di aria Memmert™ con SingleDISPLAY sono di lunga durata anche in caso di impieghi intensivi. OVEN UF110 SINGLEDISPLAY 108L 30-300°C 2 GRIDS

Memmert™ Convection and Universal Oven Subframe

Use these frames with Memmert convection ovens. Memmert™ Convection and Universal Oven Subframes are adjustable in height to fit your needs. SUBFRAME ADJUSTABLE IN HEIGHT HEIGHT 600MMFOR ICP IF IN IPP SF SN UF UN 55 75

Fisherbrand™ Stufa con convezione a gravità

General purpose oven for basic drying and heating applications Fisherbrand oven - gravity convection, 176L, 230V50/60Hz, CE

Memmert™ Vacuum Ovens and Modules

Offers short warming up times, high precision temperature control and turbo drying. Memmert™ Vacuum Oven handles heat sensitive or oxygen sensitive substances and materials with unparalleled gentleness when drying. Premium modules available. CAMERA DA VUOTO MEMMERT MOD. VO400 DA 49 LITRI

Techne™ in situ Hybridisation Adapter

Converts Prime or Prime gradient thermal cycler to in situ instrument as simply as inserting PCR plate PCR accessory: In situ hybridisation adapter

Thermo Scientific™ Heratherm™ Advanced Protocol Ovens

Carry out multiple applications with this advanced protocol oven, which features temperature uniformity and low energy-consumption. Heratherm* Advanced Protocol Ovens400L, Mechanical convection, Coated exterior, 230V

Memmert™ Electropolished Stainless Steel Grids

Ideal for ramp operation with rapid temperature changes during incubation, breeding or storage. STAINLESS STEEL GRID 450 750 800 SERIESHPP IICH ICP IF IN IPP IPS SF SN UF UN 450 750 800

Memmert™ Castor Frames for Incubator


Memmert™ Punti di accesso per forni universali e a convezione

Use these entry ports with convection ovens. Memmert™ Convection and Universal Oven Entry Points can be closed by flap in special positions at the back. PASSAMURO 38MM FACCIA POSTERIORE

Carbolite™ AX Drying Oven

Bench-top sized laboratory oven. Carbolite™ AX Drying Oven is equipped with the R38 digital PID temperature controller. OVEN 250°C 30L

Thermo Scientific™ Vacutherm™ Oven Accessories and Options

Choose from a range of accessories and options for Vacutherm™ ovens to meet application-specific requirements.

Viton door gasketVT 6060 M/P

Thermo Scientific™ Heratherm™ General Protocol Ovens - 230VAC 50/60Hz

Carry out daily laboratory work with Thermo Scientific™ Heratherm™ General Protocol Ovens, featuring temperature uniformity, easy settings and low energy consumption. UGN GP 100L 230V - OGS100

Memmert™ Griglie in acciaio inox per forni a convezione

Utilizzare queste griglie con i forni Memmert. Le griglie in acciaio inox per forni a convezione Memmert™ sono caratterizzate dalla robustezza e sono disponibili in una varietà di formati diversi, per soddisfare ogni esigenza. STAINLESS STEEL GRID 55 75 SERIESFOR ICP IF IN IPP SF SN UF UN 55 75

Memmert™ UN110plus Universal Oven

Providing precise drying, heating, ageing, burn-in and hardening in research, science, industry and quality assurance. Oven UN110plus TwinDISPLAY 108L 30-300°C 2 grids

Binder™ Series ED-S Solid.Line Drying and Heating Chambers

Binder™ Series ED-S Solid.Line Drying and Heating Chambers are quality and reliability tested to be suitable for drying and heating. Drying and heating chamber Solid.Line ED-S 115 (230V) with natural convection

BUCHI GL-14 Hose Barbs for Rotavapor™ R-300

For use with Rotavapor™ R-300. X4 OVALE GL14 CURVO

Binder™ Vacuum Drying Chamber Series VDL

Una stufa di essiccazione a vuoto di sicurezza BINDER della serie VDL garantisce la massima sicurezza di essiccazione dei solventi organici ed è dotata di serie della certificazione TÜV/GS. La classificazione Ex secondo la direttiva ATEX 2014/34/EU per il vano interno dell'apparecchio è Ex II -/3G c IIB T3-T1 Gc X. VDL053-230V, Standard, Series VDL - Vacuum dryingchambers for flammable solvents, 53 L, 230 V

Thermo Scientific™ Ripiani per stufe e incubatori Heratherm™

Ripiani in rete metallica e traforati PIATTO PERFORATO INOX 439X551MM

Thermo Scientific™ Heratherm™ Advanced Protocol Security Ovens

Ensure optimal sample protection with Thermo Scientific™ Heratherm™ Advanced Protocol Security Ovens. STUFA OMH100-S 100L 50-330°C

Thermo Scientific™ Silicone-free Viton™ Door Sealing for Thermo Scientific™ Heratherm™ Incubators and Ovens

For use with Thermo Scientific™ Heratherm™ Incubators and Ovens VITON SEALING HERATHERM SERIE 400

Thermo Scientific™ Piani di supporto per forni e incubatori Thermo Scientific™ Heratherm

Piani di supporto con ruote orientabili BASE A RUOTE HERATHERM 180

Thermo Scientific™ Shake 'n' Stack™ Hybridization Ovens

Conserve valuable space in your lab with these ovens, featuring a stackable, space-saving design with excellent uniformity ideal for molecular biology labs. SHAKE'N'STACK HYBRIDIZATION OVEN WITH SHAKER PLATFORM, 10-BOTTLE CAPACITY ROTISSERIE

Thermo Scientific™ Hi-Temp Vacuum Ovens

Ideal for higher temperature drying under vacuum, this vacuum ovens line provides temperatures up to 280°C, with peace of mind due to built-in safety controller and overtemperature protection. Hi-Temp Vacuum Oven, 240V 1700w 4.2A, 0.65 cu.

Thermo Scientific™ Heratherm™ General Protocol Ovens

Perform routine applications simply and safely with Thermo Scientific™ Heratherm™ General Protocol Ovens. Oven general gravity OGS750-3P 750L 300°C

Thermo Scientific™ Precision™ High-Performance Ovens

Benefit from the uniform heating, precise temperature control and fast drying of these high-performance ovens. X1 PRECISION HIGH PERFORMANCE OVEN MODEL 605