Sistemi e accessori per bioprocesso

Corning™ Single-Use Bags for HYPERStack™ Vessels

Used to add media, trypsin, or quenching substrates to complete cell culture in an entirely closed solution

Thermo Scientific™ Thermo Scientific™ 2D Tank Liner, ASI™ 26 film

Single-use tank liners reduce cleaning steps common to re-usable tanks.

Corning™ Rocker Cell Culture Bags

Features a multilayered film with an inert PE (Polyethylene) fluid contact layer

Corning™ Cryopreservation Bags

Features a proprietary polyolefin/EVA (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate) film blend that remains flexible at ultra-low temperatures (-196°C)

Corning™ Flexible Packaging Systems: EVA Collection Bags

Meet FDA requirements as 510K Medical Device

Masterflex™ Single-Use Gamma Irradiated Sampling Bottle Assembly

Masterflex™ Single-Use Gamma Irradiated Sampling Bottle Assembly safely transfers, samples, and stores biopharmaceutical products and reagents

Cytiva Whatman™ Sealable Hybridization Bags

Make hybridizations and incubations simpler

Sartorius™ arium™ bagtanks

For secure storage and protection of pure water from secondary contamination.