Protein Biology

Thermo Scientific™ DTT (Ditiotreitolo) Pierce™

Reduce disulfides in biological buffers and sample loading buffers with pure, crystalline dithiothreitol (DTT), the most popular protein disulfide reducing agent. DTT 5gm

Thermo Scientific™ Soluzione di sodio acetato 3 M, pH 5.2

Precipitate DNA and RNA with this 0.22µm membrane-filtered, sterile, nuclease-free solution of sodium acetate. 3 M SODIUM ACETATE 5X1ML

Thermo Scientific™ Kit di quantificazione cromogenica LAL di endotossine Pierce™

Accurately measure endotoxin levels (LPS, lipopolysaccharides) in protein, peptide or antibody samples using our Limulus Amebocyte Lysate (LAL) assay. LAL CHROMO ENDOTOXIN QUANTI KIT

Thermo Scientific™ Dosaggio proteico (Bradford) Coomassie Plus™ Pierce™

Brown-to-purple (A595nm), ready-to-use, fast reducing agent-compatible assay reagent to measure total protein concentration vs. protein standard. COOMASSIE PLUS PROTEIN ASSAY REAGENT 300 MLStore in Fridge at 4C Ship at Ambient temperature

GE Healthcare Reagente di rilevazione Western Blotting Amersham™ ECL™ Prime

Questo reagente di rilevazione consente l'uso di anticorpi primari e secondari a elevata diluizione senza ridurre la sensibilità. Il reagente di rilevazione per blotting GE Healthcare Lifescience™ Amersham™ ECL™ Prime Western produce un'elevata intensità dei segnali e sensibilità. ECL PRIME WESTERN BLOTTING DET

Thermo Scientific™ Soluzione detergente Triton X-100 Surfact-Amps™

Thermo Scientific™ Surfact-Amps X-100 Detergent Solution is highly-purified Triton X-100 detergent stabilized and supplied as a 10% solution in 10mL glass ampules.

1000 ML TRITON X-100 SURFACT-AMPS DETERGENT SOLUTIon 1000mL Store at Room temperature

Thermo Scientific™ Clip per tubi per dialisi SnakeSkin™

Securely close dialysis tubing up to 50mm flat diameter, including SnakeSkin Dialysis Tubing, with these sturdy, non-floating tube closures. X6 SNAKESKIN DIALYSIS TUBING CLIP

Thermo Scientific™ DTNB Pierce™ (reagente di Ellman)

Measure peptide cysteines or other free, reduced sulfhydryls (-SH groups) in solution using this thiol-reactive, colored compound (Amax 412nm). 5 GR ELLMAN'S REAGENT 5G STORE IN FRIDGE AT 4C

Thermo Scientific™ Sodio desossicolato Pierce™

Water-soluble, ionic detergent used in cell lysis buffers (e.g., RIPA buffer) to disrupt protein interactions for liposome and membrane protein isolation. SODIUM DEOXYCHOLATE 25gm

Thermo Scientific™ Gel a TCEP immobilizzato riducente il disolfuro Pierce™

Efficiently reduce protein or peptide disulfide bonds with this stable, odorless, beaded agarose resin on which Tris (2-carboxyethyl) phosphine is immobilized. 5 ML IMMOBILISED TCEP DISULFIDE REDUCING GEL 5MLStore in fridge at 4C

Thermo Scientific™ Coloranti Pierce™ Coomassie Brilliant Blue R-250 e G-250

Prepare colorimetric protein gel stains using purified powdered preparations of the two most common forms of coomassie dye as the base. COOMASSIE BRILLIANT BLUE G250 50gm

Thermo Scientific™ Cocktail inibitori della fosfatasi e della proteasi Halt™

Prevent protein degradation and stabilize phosphorylation with this all-in-one cocktail of protease and phosphatase inhibitors. HALT PROT&PHOSPH INHIB EDTA FR 1mL

EMD Millipore™ Novagen™ Benzonase™ Nuclease

Used for removal of nucleic acids from recombinant proteins Benzonase Nuclease, Purity > 90%

Thermo Scientific™ Reagente di colorazione GelCode™ Blue

Achieve nanogram-level detection and results that exceed those of typical coomassie stains, all without a destaining step. GELCODE BLUE STAIN REAGENT 3,5L

Thermo Scientific™ Tampone RIPA Pierce™

Lyse cultured mammalian cells with this high-quality, ready-to-use and fully disclosed formulation of a popular cell lysis reagent. 100 ML RADIOIMMUNO PRECIPITATION ASSAY (RIPA)lysis and extraction buffer 100mL Store at 4C,

Thermo Scientific™ Resina per la rimozione di endotossine di elevata capacità Pierce™

Remove endotoxins (lipopolysaccharides or LPS) from samples before mass spectrometry using spin columns of poly(e-lysine) ligand on beaded cellulose. X250 HIGH CAPACITY ENDOTOXIN REMOVAL RESIN 250MLStore in fridge at 4C

Thermo Scientific™ Cassette per dialisi Slide-A-Lyzer™ 7K MWCO

Remove buffer salts and contaminants and maximize sample recovery using this semi-permeable membrane with a 7000-dalton protein MW cut-off (MWCO). X8 SLIDE-A-LYZER 7KD 3-12ML

Thermo Scientific™ Cocktail inibitori della proteasi Halt™

Inhibit proteolytic degradation during cell lysis and protein extraction with these ready-to-use concentrated stock solutions of protease inhibitors. HALT PROTEA INHIB SINGLE-US 2400µl

Thermo Scientific™ Agarosio alla proteina A/G Pierce™ ad alta capacità

Purify antibodies or perform immunoprecipitation with this exceptionally high-capacity, recombinant Protein A/G beaded agarose. ImmunoPure Immobilized Protein A/G Plus 2mL

GE Healthcare Membrane in nitrocellulosa Amersham™ Protran™ Premium NC: Rotoli

Per risultati ottimali con applicazioni di rilevamento di Western blotting a fluorescenza. Membrane in nitrocellulosa GE Healthcare Life Sciences™ Amersham™ Protran™ Premium NC: i rotoli offrono risoluzione e sensibilità eccellenti e basso background. X1 Amersham Protran Premium 0.2um Nitrocellulose 300mm x 4m roll

Thermo Scientific™ Dosaggio proteico Micro BCA™ Pierce™

Special 3-component version of our popular BCA Reagents to measure total protein concentration of dilute protein solutions (0.5 to 20 micrograms/mL). 12 ML REAGENT C (MC), MICRO BCA

Thermo Scientific™ Soluzione detergente Tween-20 Surfact-Amps™

Thermo Scientific™ Surfact-Amps 20 Detergent Solution is highly-purified Tween-20 detergent stabilized and supplied as a 10% solution in 10mL glass ampules.

500mL Tween 20 Surfact-Amps detergent solution

Thermo Scientific™ Zeba™ Chromatography Desalting Cartridges

Rapidly desalt samples with high protein recovery with these ready-to-use cartridges for manual or automated liquid chromatography (LC). DESALTING CHROMATO CARTRIDGE 25mL

Thermo Scientific™ Pierce™ Mammalian β-Galactosidase Assay Kit

Lyse cultured mammalian cells and measure beta-galactosidase activity using compatible M-PER Cell Lysis Reagent and colorimetric b-Gal Assay Reagent. ALL-IN-ONE MAMMALIAN B-GAL 75mL

Thermo Scientific™ Standard di albumina sierica bovina Pierce™

High-quality, calibrated BSA solutions (2mg/mL) to serially dilute to create protein assay standard curves to accurately measure protein concentration. PRE-DILUTED PROT ASSAY STD(BSA FRA

Thermo Scientific™ Soluzione di guanidina·HCl Pierce™ 8M

Ready-to-use, 8M solution of guanidinium hydrochloride (GdnCl, GuHCl), CAS 50-01-1; dilute and pH-adjust to any concentration for protein biology methods. 8M GUANIDINE-HCL, 200 MLambient temp

GE Healthcare Colonne PD-10 monouso: Confezione di 50 colonne vuote

Per purificazione con flusso di gravità. Colonne PD-10 monouso: Le colonne vuote in confezioni da 50 sono economiche, in plastica, e possono essere confezionate con un'ampia gamma di terreni disponibili in stock. X50 Column GE Healthcare P-10, empty, disposable

Thermo Scientific™ ™2-mercaptoetanolo Pierce

Beta-mercaptoetanolo (bME, 2BME, 2-ME, b-mer), CAS 60-24-2 puro, liquido (equivalente a 14 M); agente riducente con tiolo per la scissione dei ponti disolfuro proteici (cistine, cisteine). 2-MERCAPTOETHANOL 10mL

Thermo Scientific™ Colonne per desalinizzazione Zeba Spin 7K MWCO

Effectively remove salt and other molecules (7K MWCO) from samples and attain excellent protein recovery with these centrifuge-based chromatography columns. X25 ZEBA SPIN DESALT COLUMNS, 5 M

Thermo Scientific™ Dosaggio proteico BCA™ Pierce™

Green-to-blue (A562nm), precise, detergent-compatible assay reagent to measure total protein concentration vs. protein standard. BCA PROTEIN ASSAY KIT