Sampling Systems™ Cup Liquid Sampler

Constructed of stainless steel and for sampling liquids and suspensions. Sampling Systems™ Cup Liquid Sampler enables discrete samples to be easily taken from a height within the product. CUP SAMPLER 100ML LONG.1000MM

Buerkle™ Supporto per bottiglia in polipropilene

Per tutti i flaconi per campioni in plastica, vetro e metallo con diametro massimo di 88 mm e profondità massima di 6 m. Il portaflacone in polipropilene Buerkle™ è dotato di un'asta telescopica progettata per l'industria, il campionamento delle acque e il loro trattamento. PORTA BOTTIGLIE

Sampling Systems™ Cup Sampler

Manufactured from 316 stainless steel. The Cup Sampler enables discrete samples to be easily taken from known heights within the product. CUP SAMPLER 100ML LENGHT 1500MM

Kartell™ Coppetta monouso in polistirene per contatore cellulare

In polistirene trasparente per garantire la massima visibilità. Le coppette per contacellule Kartell™ Coulter™ vengono utilizzate per l'analisi dei campioni con contacellule. X200 VASCA COULTER-COUNTER 25ML

Gosselin™ Cucchiaio sterile Gosselin™

Suitable for general laboratory use. Gosselin™ Sterile Spoons are manufactured from sterile polystyrene.

Bel-Art™ Sessole per campionatori SP Scienceware™ Sterileware™

In plastica di polistirene. I cucchiai di campionamento SP Scienceware™ Sterileware™ sono realizzati per raccogliere i campioni da un sito di grandi dimensioni. Scoop, sterileware, polystyrene, white, 250ml

Buerkle™ Sessole SteriPlast™

Campionamento di polveri, granuli e paste con queste sessole in polistirene sterili. Sessole Buerkle™ SteriPlast™ disponibili con e senza coperchio trasparente per garantire una procedura di campionamento sterile senza contaminazione. X10 Scoop SP 50 ml with cover

Bel-Art™ Sessole per campionatori in stirene sterile SP Scienceware™ Sterileware™

In plastica di polistirene. Le sessole per campionatori in stirene sterile SP Scienceware™ Sterileware™ sono progettate per raccogliere piccole quantità di materiale da campionare. Spoon, sterileware sampling, 1.23ml 1/4 tsp, polystyrene, white

Sampling Systems™ LiquiThief

Ideal for use with low viscocity liquids. Sampling Systems™ SteriWare™ Disposable LiquiThief is essentially a big syringe that pulls the liquid into the sampler. The further the handle is pulled the bigger the sample volume. X20 LIQUIDISPO 100 ML

Buerkle™ Minicampionatore

Choose from the PE model for general sampling or PTFE model for ultra pure sampling. Buerkle™ MiniSampler Environmental Sampling Kits are ideal for sampling from barrels, canisters, tanks and other large volume liquid storage units. MINI SAMPLER PTFE

Sampling Systems™ Deep Water Sampler

Operate this sampler with ease by simply lowering the sampler to the required depth and then pulling it out. Sampling Systems™ Deep Water Sampler is ideal for sampling at large depths. Deep Water Sampler. 2500ml with rope

Fisherbrand™ Spatole monouso colorate

Per l'erogazione o la raccolta di campioni di polveri o di solidi morbidi. Le spatole monouso colorate Fisherbrand™ sono autoclavabili e disponibili in diversi colori. Progettate per provette standard da 15 e 1.5 ml. X100 Spatulass 210 x 7mm Opaque Sterile

Bel-Art™ Cucchiai per campionamento in acciaio inossidabile SP Scienceware™

I cucchiai a doppia estremità offrono due dimensioni delle vaschette per una pratica manipolazione dei campioni Spoon, lab/chemical, double-ended, stainless steel, 15cm

Bel-Art™ Dipper con manico lungo SP Scienceware™

Manici saldati. Becher a immersione con manico lungo SP Scienceware™ per facilitare il campionamento in serbatoi, vasche e laghi. Questi becher a immersione in plastica di polietilene ad alta densità non si arrugginiscono o corrodono, forniscono una resistenza chimica eccellente e, se necessario, galleggiano. DIPPER LONG HANDLE 1000ML/12FT

Bel-Art™ Campionatore sterile Sterileware™ Scoop An' Bag™ SP Scienceware™

Il sistema di raccolta dei campioni include una sessola per campionamento sterile da 60 ml (2 once) e un sacchetto a spirale in polietilene sterile da 11.4 × 22.9 cm (4.5 × 9 pollici), 540 ml (18.3 once) con ampia area di etichettatura per contenere il campione X50 PALA STERILE CON SACCO

Bel-Art™ Sessole per campionamento rosse Sterileware™ SP Scienceware™

Forma e dimensioni ideali per il prelievo di campioni, in particolare da contenitori a bocca larga Scoop, sterileware, polystyrene, red, 250ml

Buerkle™ Asta telescopica

Use a practical snap-in joint to attach the Buerkle™ Telescopic Rod/Tube to TeleScoop™ accessory sampling tools (angular beaker, pendulum beaker, bottle holder, stainless steel beaker and dip net). For industry and water treatment sampling. TUBO TELESCOPICO 1,15/3,0 M

Buerkle™ Stainless Steel Dipping Vessel

Use the Buerkle™ Stainless Steel Dipping Vessel with Easy-Flow, the flow optimised flow valve. PRELEVATORE AD IMMERSIONE INOX

Buerkle™ Aluminum SiloDrill™

If bulk goods are transported over long distances (in trucks, railway goods wagons), separation may occur.Taking the sample just from the surface therefore leads to the wrong result.Representative samples from all layers of the silo can be taken with the SiloDrill. The SiloDrill fits through all standard openings with its diameter of 90 mm. PRELEVATORE PER CISTERNA

Buerkle™ Mucksucker Sampler

ViscoSampler with powerful suction for viscous media. The media is drawn up and discharged using the suction flask. Made of ultra-pure, chemically inert PTFE/FEP for contamination-free sampling.Specially developed for viscous substances such as slurries, silt, wet clay and soil samples, soil sediments, oils, emulsions, creams etc. PRELEVATORE LIQUIDI VISCOSI

Buerkle™ Dipping Vessel

Buerkle™ Dipping Vessel designed to take samples from tanks, tank wagons, water courses, and water purification plants. PRELEVATORE AD IMMERSIONE OTTONE

Fisherbrand™ Stainless Steel Sample Dippers

Get optimum sample collection and dispatch from one source with the stainless steel sample dipper. A laboratory sampling dipper with tapered sided cup; Fisherbrand™ Stainless Steel Sample Dippers are suitable for use with most liquids. SAMPLE DIPPER,STAINLESS STEEL STRAIGHT SIDED 120ML

Cole-Parmer™ Cell counting slide


Fisherbrand™ Dual Purpose Scoops

The sterile dual purpose scoop is a unique economical solution that combines the function of a scoop and a weigh boat into oneproduct. The weighing process has been streamlined, now just sample or retrieve the material in the scoop and place it directly on the scale. This eliminates the need for a weigh boat or weighing paper and saves valuable space in the lab. When finished the dual solution scoop is disposable. X100 Dual Purpose Scoops, Large, Sterile (10 bagsof 10)

Cole-Parmer™ Stainless Steel Scoop

Stainless Steel Scoop, 201 Grade 5 oz., 1 each

Saint-Gobain Chemware™ PFA Dipper

Saint Gobain Performance Plastics™ Chemware™ PFA Dipper is ideal for ultra-pure applications and use with aggressive media. MESTOLO DI PRELIEVO TEFLON PFA

Cole-Parmer™ Disposable Polypropylene Griffin Low-form Beakers

Molded-in stacking ribs prevent beakers from sticking together when stacked X25 PP BEAKERS 600ML

Fisherbrand™ Sessole cilindriche in acciaio inox

Get optimum results weighing and handling samples and other laboratory materials with cylindrical scoops. Perfect for weighing anything from liquid to gems and other materials, Fisherbrand™ Stainless Steel Cylindrical Scoops are an ideal accessory to have if you own a weighing scale. Scoop 9030 cylindrical with handle stainless steel 320mm x 100mm Fisherbrand

Fisherbrand™ SmartPicks™ Inoculation Picks

Isolate individual colonies with picks manufactured from White Birch wood. Fisherbrand™ SmartPicks™ Inoculation Picks are naturally biodegradable and disposable, but are also autoclavable and suitable for food contact. X2000 smartPicks