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Merck Scepter™ 3.0 Cell Counter 40 μm Sensors

The Scepter™ 3.0 sensor is engineered with a micro-fabricated, cell-sensing zone enabling discrimination by cell size and volume- down to sub-micron and sub-pL resolution. Coupled with precision liquid handling channels and electronics, the Scepter™ sensor accurately provides cell population statistics.

Marca:  Merck PHCC340050

Dettagli aggiuntivi : Peso : 2.26600kg

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  • For research use only
  • Provides fast, convenient method for counting cells and particles
  • Compatible with both the 40 and 60 μM sensors
  • Employs the Coulter Principle in a miniaturized, handheld, format enabling rapid cell counting, taking less than 30 seconds
  • Prepare a dilution of the cell culture of interest and use cell counter to aspirate a sample of this dilution into the sensor
  • Displays:
    • Cell concentration
    • Average cell size
    • Average cell volume
    • Histogram of size or volume distribution


Scepter™ 3.0 Cell Counter Sensors
50,000 to 1,500,000 particles/mL
50 Pk.
5 to 15 μm
4 to 18 μm
Cell Counting
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