Riscaldatori e mantelli riscaldanti

Fisherbrand™ Mantelli riscaldanti con agitazione

Per agitare e riscaldare il liquido – l'agitazione può essere mono o bidirezionale. SCALDA PALLONE AGITATO 500ML

Thermo Scientific™ Reacti-Vap™ Evaporators

Add evaporation to the Thermo Scientific™ Reacti-Therm™ Heating and Stirring module for derivatization or other small scale reactions.


Fisherbrand™ Heating Mantle with Controller

Reaches maximum temperatures up to 450°C. Fisherbrand™ Heating Mantle with Controller employs a unique airflow system to keep the exterior cool to the touch. SCALDA PALLONE 100ML

Bibby Scientific™ Bunsen

Combines advantages of gas burner with clean operation and easy control of electric heating. Bibby Scientific™ Electric Bunsens are ideal for non-contact heating of test tubes, crucibles, small flasks and beakers, regardless of their shape. BEC BUNSEN ELECTRIC WITH REGULATOR

Fisherbrand™ Mantelli multipli per estrazione, modello a 3 vani, solo riscaldante

Vented case's unique airflow ensures the unit remains “cool-to-the-touch” RAMPA DI 3 SCALDA PALLONE 1000ML

Bibby Scientific™ Stuart™ HM50C Model Heating Mantle

Heating mantle Bibby HM50C controllable 230V 50Hz

Electrothermal™ CMU Series Controlled Mantle

Used in chemistry to heat liquids in round bottom flasks. Electrothermal™ CMU Series Controlled Mantle includes a stainless steel grounded earth screen covering the element and is double-fused for added safety. CMU 500ML 230V MANTLE UK AND EU PLUGS, 450C

Edmund Bühler GmbH™ PVC Support Rods

Six support rods for holding six vessels. For use with IRB 6 support base. RAIL PVC PER GAMBI SUPPORTO.

Thermo Scientific™ Reacti-Vap™ Evaporator Replacement Parts

Maintain and expand the life of your Thermo Scientific™ Reacti-Vap™ Evaporator module using these quality replacement parts.

X4 Rep screws for Reacti-Vap

Electrothermal™ EM Series Controlled Electromantle

Includes a built-in energy regulator with indicator lamps for power and heater operation. Electrothermal™ EM Series Controlled Electromantle incorporates a grounded earth screen and double fuses for added safety. Larger capacity products have multiple heating elements, enabling a more even and directed transfer of heat. SCALDA PALLONE REGOLATO 250ML

Electrothermal™ Micro-Kjeldahl MM Series Extraction Heater

Designed for Kjeldahl extraction on a micro scale to determine the protein content of food. Electrothermal™ Micro-Kjeldahl MM Series Extraction Heater has 6 recesses in a stainless steel outer casing with back-mounted brackets (supplied with each unit), which can hold support rods of 12.7mm diamter max. VÄRMEMANTEL MM2313/E MICRO KJELDAL 6 POS.

Bibby Scientific™ Mantello riscaldante Stuart™ serie EM Electromantle

Use these heating mantles for a variety of applications. Bibby Scientific™ Stuart™ EM Series Electromantle Heating Mantles provide maximum heat transfer to the sample thanks to excellent insulation around the cartridge and good flask coverage. Heating mantle 500mL capacity EM500 controlled

Electrothermal™ EMEA Series 3-Position Extraction Mantle With Stirring

Heats multiple round bottom flasks simultaneously with the added functionality of magnetic stirring. Electrothermal™ EMEA Series 3-Position Extraction Mantle With Stirring includes a vented case with unique air flow to ensure the outer case remains safe to touch. RAMPA 3 SCALDAPALLONE 1L AGITATA

Electrothermal™ Replacement Digi-Mantle Heater Cartridge

Enables a round bottom flask to be stirred and heated up to an element temperature of 450°C. Electrothermal™ Replacement Digi-Mantle Heater Cartridge uses precise electronic control to provide accurate e of temperature and stirring measures. MANTELLO 1000ML 300W

Fisherbrand™ Mantelli con riscaldamento controllato in polipropilene

Con involucro esterno in polipropilene duraturo e chimicamente resistente. I mantelli riscaldanti in polipropilene Fisher Scientific™ riducono al minimo i danni da fuoriuscite e consentono il massimo trasferimento del calore con rischio di rottura della fiasca minimo. Electrothermal Electromantle 500ml Capacity115V 50/60Hz, 200w

Fisherbrand™ Mantelli per estrazione - modello a 6 recessi, solo riscaldante

Vented case's unique airflow ensures the unit remains “cool-to-the-touch” RAMPA 6 SCALDA PALLONI 250ML

Cole-Parmer™ Replacement Heating Elements

Replacement heating elements for heat sealer, 8",230 VAC

Electrothermal™ EMX Series Spill-Proof Electromantle

Accommodates 60°C funnels, pear-shaped or round bottom flasks. Electrothermal™ EMX Series Spill-proof Electromantle is designed to accept a large range of flasks and funnel sizes for added flexibility. Stainless steel liner over the heating element providea additional electrical and mechanical protection against spills and ensures easier cleaning. CALOTTA RISCALD INOX 2000-5000ML

Fisherbrand™ Silver Heating Mantle

Use these heating elements with built in controllers for a variety of applications. Fisherbrand™ Silver Heating Mantles are metal cased with a unique airflow keeping the exterior cool to the touch. SCALDA PALLONE 2L

Bibby Scientific™ Stuart™ HM100C Model Heating Mantle

Heating mantle Bibby HM100C controllable 230V

Fisherbrand™ Manto riscaldante

Use these heating elements with built in controllers for a variety of applications. Fisherbrand™ Heating Mantles are metal cased with a unique airflow keeping the exterior cool to the touch. SCALDA PALLONE 500ML

Bibby Scientific™ Stuart™ Fiber Heating Tape HT9


Cole-Parmer™ Riscaldatori a nastro

Use these heating tapes for a wide range of thermal applications. Cole-Parmer™ StableTemp™ Dual-Element Heating Tapes offer greater flexibility than other high-temperature heating tapes and install directly to a wide variety of surfaces and geometries. HEATING TAPE 1/2' 6 FT