Sostanze biochimiche e reagenti

Thermo Scientific™ Scala DNA O'GeneRuler 1 kb, pronta all’uso 250-10,000 bp

Perform sizing and approximate quantification of a wide range of double-stranded DNA on agarose gels with this 1 kb DNA ladder, premixed with blue and yellow tracking dyes. 250 UG DNA LADDERS, O'GENERULER(TM) 1 KB DNAladder, ready-to-use, 250-10000 bp, 0.1µg/µL 500

Thermo Scientific™ Glicogeno, per biologia molecolare

Increase the recovery of nucleic acids during preciptation with this inert carrier. X2 GLYCOGEN 0.25ML

Thermo Scientific™ Kit mutagenesi diretta al sito Phusion

Generate mutations with this fast and reliable system. PHUSION SD MUTAGENESIS 20 RXNS

MP Biomedicals™ Kit per suolo FastDNA™ SPIN

Per l'isolamento del DNA dalle cellule presenti nel suolo e in altri campioni ambientali Il kit per suolo   MP Biomedicals™ FastDNA™ SPIN permette di estrarre facilmente il DNA in una provetta da 2 ml. 50PREP DNA PURIFICATION KIT (1KIT)

Thermo Scientific™ DNA polimerasi Taq, nativo

Optimize amplification of DNA samples of low purity with this highly thermostable, native DNA polymerase for routine PCR. ROUTINE PCR, TAQ DNA POLYMERASE (NATIVE), 5U/µL(supplied with 2 x 1mL of 25 mMmgCl2, 2 x 1mL of

Invitrogen™ PCR Master Mix Starter Pack

Comprised of three different PCR Master Mixes to cover routine PCR, Hot Start PCR and High Fidelity PCR needs. PCR Master Mix Starter Pack

Thermo Scientific™ Kit di biotinilazione Pierce™ per terminazione DNA 3'

Biotinylate single-stranded DNA primers for non-radioactive EMSA and other nucleic acid detection methods. BIOTIN 3' END DNA LABELING KIT

GE Healthcare Reagenti PlusOne

High quality electrophoresis reagents. GE Healthcare Life Sciences™ PlusOne Reagents are a low toxicity, environmentally safe solvent for high quality electrophoresis. UREA, 500 G

GE Healthcare Pellicola di gel GelBond PAG

GE Healthcare™; GelBond PAG Gel Film è un terreno omogeneo ad alta densità. X50 Gel film GE Healthcare GelBondPAG 203mm x

Water, (For RNA Work) (DEPC-Treated, DNASE, RNASE free/Mol. Biol.), Fisher BioReagents™

1LT Water, Sterile, For RNA Work, DEPC-Treated, DNASE, RNASE free for Molecular Biology

Fisher BioReagents™ exACTGene™ DNA Ladders

Ready-to-use DNA size standards are stable at room temperature—no need to thaw and refreeze DNA Marker, Fisher BioReagents* exACTGene*, 1kb DNA Ladder, 100 Lanes

Thermo Scientific™ Kit per la purificazione di DNA genomico

Isolate genomic DNA from various sources, including whole blood, serum, cell lines, bacterial cells, plant, and mammalian tissues, with this DNA precipitation system. GENOMIC DNA PURIF KIT 100PREP

GE Healthcare Colonne illustra™ NAP™

Per una purificazione rapida ed efficiente di DNA e oligonucleotidi (>10 oligomeri) in meno di 15 minuti mediante flusso di gravità. Le colonne GE Healthcare Life Sciences™ illustra™ NAP™ sono monouso e preimpaccate con Sephadex™ Grado DNA G-25 NAP-10 20 ST

MP Biomedicals™ FastDNA™ 50mL SPIN DNA Isolation Kit for Soil

Used to isolate bacteria, fungi, plant and animal genomic DNA from soil and environmental samples. DNA is purified by silica-based spin filter columns and is suitable for PCR analysis and other downstream applications. FASTDNA SPIN KIT FOR SOIL (50 ML TUBES) 10 PREPS

Thermo Scientific™ ABsolute™ qPCR Mix, SYBR Green, No ROX

Optimized for SYBR Green chemistry and contains all the components necessary to perform quantitative PCR, with the exception of template and primers. 800 RXN ABSOLUTE QPCR SYBR GREEN MIX, 800 X 50µLreactions 00 store at -20°C

Thermo Scientific™ Scala DNA GeneRuler™ 1kb Plus

Perform sizing and approximate quantification of a wide range of double-stranded DNA on agarose gels. X25 GENERULER 1KB PLUS 250UG

Thermo Scientific™ Acqua esente da nucleasi

X4 Molecular biology reagents, water, nuclease-fre

GE Healthcare Micro colonne ProbeQuant™ G-50

Per una rapida purificazione del DNA marcato (>20 basi) da nucleotidi marcati non incorporati in un volume da 25 a 50 μl. Le microcolonne  GE Healthcare Life Sciences™ ProbeQuant™ G-50  utilizzano la cromatografia su colonna per centrifugazione. PROBEQUANTTM G-50 MICRO COL 5

Thermo Scientific™ MassRuler High Range DNA Ladder, Ready-to-Use, 1500-10,000 bp

Perform accurate quantification and sizing of DNA fragments by agarose gel electrophoresis with these high range DNA ladders. 1 MG DNA LADDERS, MASSRULER(TM) HIGH RANGE DNAladder, ready-to-use, 1500-10000 bp, 42.2 ng/µL

Thermo Scientific™ Lambda DNA/HindIII Marker

Perform sizing and approximate quantification of large double-stranded DNA fragments in agarose gels with this conventional marker composed of 8 sharp bands. X25 DNA ladders, Lambda DNA/HindIII marker, 2,

Thermo Scientific™ Mini kit di purificazione per DNA genomico da sangue intero GeneJET™

Perform silica membrane-based genomic DNA purification from fresh, frozen anticoagulated mammalian blood, aged blood, buffy coat, bone marrow and body fluids. GENEJET BLOOD GEN DNA 50 PREP

Thermo Scientific™ Scala DNA GeneRuler™ 1 kb

Perform sizing and approximate quantification of a wide range of double-stranded DNA on agarose gels with this mixture of chromatography-purified individual DNA fragments. X5 GENERULER 1 KB 50UG

Thermo Scientific™ Micro kit per estrazione da gel e purificazione DNA GeneJET™

Perform rapid and efficient purification of DNA from PCR and enzymatic reaction mixtures and standard or low-melting point agarose gels with this kit. GENEJET DNA CLEANUP MICRO KIT

Fisherbrand™ Sterile Distilled Water


Thermo Scientific™ Kit di sintesi di cDNA a singolo filamento RevertAid™

A complete system for efficient synthesis of first strand cDNA from RNA templates. RevertAid RT Kit

Thermo Scientific™ Kit per purificazione RNA GeneJET

Silica membrane-based total RNA purification from mammalian blood, cell cultures, and tissues as well as insect, yeast, and bacteria. Provided in a convenient spin-column format. 250 RXN NUCLEIC ACID PURIFICATION, COLUMN BASED,GeneJET(TM) RNA purification kit, protein. K,

Thermo Scientific™ DNA polimerasi Phusion™ Hot Start II High-Fidelity

Optimize PCR with one of the most accurate hot start DNA polymerases on the market, featuring extreme specificity and improved performance. PHUSION HOT START II 500U

GE Healthcare Carte per raccolta, conservazione e purificazione di acidi nucleici FTA™: FTA Micro

Collect, stabilize, process, transport, and archive samples. X250 FTA Micro Card, 1 sample area per card, colle

GE Healthcare Kit per la purificazione di bande di gel e DNA illustra™ GFX™ PCR

Per la purificazione e la concentrazione di prodotti PCR o frammenti di DNA da 50 bp a 10 kb. Il kit per la purificazione di bande di gel e DNA GE Healthcare Life Sciences™ illustra™ GFX™ PCR può essere utilizzato per purificare il DNA da volumi di reazione fino a 100 μl o porzioni di gel di agarosio fino a 900 mg. GFX PCR DNA, GEL BAND PURIF, 250

GE Healthcare Kit illustra™ Solution dNTP

I set dNTP garantiscono ottime prestazioni e omogeneità.  I set di soluzioni dNTP GE Healthcare Lifescience™ illustra™ sono esenti da DNasi, RNasi e attività enzimatica di taglio. DNTP SET, 100 MM , 4 X 100UMOL