Enzimi e inibitori

Thermo Scientific™ Albumina da siero bovino (BSA)

Stabilize enzymes, increase PCR yields, and prevent adhesion of enzymes with Thermo Scientific™ Bovine Serum Albumin. 250 UL BOVINE SERUM ALBUMIN (BSA), 20MG/ML, 5MG(0.25mL), supplied in 10 mM Tris-HCl (pH7.4 at

Thermo Scientific™ RNasi I

Ribonuclease I (RNase I) is an endoribonuclease that hydrolyzes single-stranded RNA to nucleoside 3'-monophosphates. 5000 UNIT MODIFYING ENZYME, RNASE I, 10 U/µL 5000units Store at -20°C

Thermo Scientific™ RapidOut DNA Removal Kit

New proprietary technology for convenient removal of gDNA from RNA sample in a simple two-step procedure. 50PREP RapidOut DNA removal kit

Thermo Scientific™ Fosfatasi alcalina termosensibile FastAP

Catalyze the removal of 5'- and 3'-phosphate groups from DNA, RNA, nucleotides, and proteins using this thermosensitive alkaline phosphatase . FASTAP 5X1000U 1U/UL

Thermo Scientific™ Inibitore di RNasi RiboLock

RiboLock RNase Inhibitor specifically inhibits the activity of RNases A, B, and C, protecting RNA under a variety of reaction conditions. RIBOLOCK RI 40U/UL 2500U

MP Biomedicals™ Glucose Oxidase

From Aspergillus niger 50KU GLUCOSE OXIDASE

Thermo Scientific™ Tru1I (MseI)

Cut at T^TAA sites with Tru1I (MseI) restriction enzyme, which performs best at 65°C in R buffer (Isoschizomers: MseI, Tru9I). 1500 UNIT RESTRICTION ENZYME, CONVENTIONAL, TRU1I(MseI), 10u/ul, cuts T¬TAA at 65°C (supplied with

Thermo Scientific™ Confezione speciale FastDigest™

FastDigest enzymes are an advanced line of fast restriction enzymes that are all 100% active in a single buffer. FASTDIGEST VALUE PACK

OPTIZYME™ MspI (HpaII), Fisher BioReagents™

Optizyme Msp I restriction enzyme

Thermo Scientific™ MboII

The MboII restriction enzyme recognizes GAAGA(8/7)^ sites and cuts best at 37°C in B buffer. RESTRICTION ENZYME, CONVENTIONAL, MBOII, 5U/UL,cuts GAAGA(8/7)¬ at 37°C (supplied with 1mL of

Thermo Scientific™ EpiJET 5-hmC and 5-mC Analysis Kit

Get fast and reliable assessment of both cytosine modifications - 5-hmC and 5-mC - within CCGG loci EPIJET 5-HMC/5-MC ANALYSIS KIT

EMD Millipore RNase A

As supplied with Montage™ Plasmid MiniprepHTS 96 Kit RNase A Reagent

MP Biomedicals™ Hyaluronidase, From Streptomyces hyalurolyticus

Enzyme activity is determined by a change in optical density in a hyaluronic acid solution. 400UNIT HYALURONIDASE

Thermo Scientific™ ATP

Optimize many molecular biology applications using this ATP, a highly stable nucleotide with 99% purity. ATP 100MM 0.25ML

Thermo Scientific™ BpiI (BbsI)

Cut GAAGAC(2/6)^ sites with BpiI (BbsI) restriction enzyme, which performs best at 37°C in G buffer (Isoschizomers: BbsI, BpuAI, BstV2I). RESTRICTION ENZYME, CONVENTIONAL, BPII (BBSI),10u/ul, cuts GAAGAC(2/6)¬ at 37°C (supplied with

OPTIZYME™ EcoRI, Fisher BioReagents™

Optizyme EcoR I restriction enzyme, high concentration

Thermo Scientific™ FastDigest DpnI

Cut at Gm6A^TC sites with Thermo Scientific™ FastDigest™ DpnI, which performs best at 37°C in 5-15 minutes using universal FastDigest Buffer (Isoschizomers: MalI). FASTDIGEST DPNI 50UL

Thermo Scientific™ Esp3I (BsmBI)

The Esp3I (BsmBI) restriction enzyme recognizes CGTCTC(1/5)^ sites and cuts best at 37°C in Tango (+DTT) buffer (Isoschizomers: BsmBI). ESP3I (BSMBI) 10U/UL 200U

Thermo Scientific™ EcoRI

The EcoRI restriction enzyme recognizes G^AATTC sites and cuts best at 37°C in its own unique buffer. ECORI 50U/UL 25000U

MP Biomedicals™ Collagenase, Type 4

From Clostridium histolyticum 500MG COLLAGENASE

Thermo Scientific™ FastDigest EarI (Eam1104I)

Cut at CTCTTC(1/4)^ sites with Thermo Scientific™ FastDigest™ EarI (Eam1104I), which performs best using universal FastDigest Buffer (Isoschizomers: Bst6I). Restriction enzyme, FastDigest Eam1104I, 50µL

OPTIZYME™ HaeIII (BsuRI), Fisher BioReagents™

Optizyme HAE III restriction enzyme

Thermo Scientific™ HindIII

The HindIII restriction enzyme recognizes A^AGCTT sites and cuts best at 37°C in R buffer. 25000 UNIT RESTRICTION ENZYME, CONVENTIONAL,HindIII, 50u/uL,HC, cuts A¬AGCTT at 37°C (supplied

Thermo Scientific™ FastDigest™ EcoRI

The FastDigest EcoRI restriction enzyme recognizes G^AATTC sites and cuts best at 37°C in 5-15 minutes using universal FastDigest Buffer. FASTDIGEST ECORI 800UL

Thermo Scientific™ Kpn2I (BspEI)

The Kpn2I (BspEI) restriction enzyme recognizes T^CCGGA sites and cuts best at 55°C in Tango buffer (Isoschizomers: AccIII, Aor13HI, BseAI, Bsp13I, BspEI, MroI). KPN2I (BSPEI) 10U/UL 500U

Thermo Scientific™ Csp6I (CviQI)

Cut at G^TAC sites with Csp6I (CviQI) restriction enzyme, which performs best at 37°C in B buffer (Isoschizomers: AfaI, CviQI, RsaNI). 1500 UNIT RESTRICTION ENZYME, CONVENTIONAL, CSP6I(CviQI), 10u/uL, cuts G¬TAC at 37°C (supplied

Thermo Scientific™ FastDigest HaeII (BfoI)

Perform single-, double- or multiple DNA digestion within 5-15 minutes withthis advanced line of restriction enzymes, 100% active in one universal buffer. Restriction enzyme, FastDigest BfoI, 200µL

OPTIZYME™ HpaII, Fisher BioReagents™

Optizyme Hpa II restriction enzyme