Cappe di aspirazione e armadi di sicurezza

Aecos™ Armadio di sicurezza Q-CLASSIC-90

Armadi di sicurezza sottoposti a test GS per la conservazione di materiali pericolosi infiammabili nelle aree di lavoro. Gli armadi per la conservazione di sicurezza Asecos™ Q-CLASSIC-90 hanno una robusta struttura conforme alle norme EN 14470-1 e TRGS 510 con una resistenza al fuoco di 90 minuti. Safety storage cabinet Q-CLASSIC-90 model Q90.195.090 Body colour Anthracite grey (RAL 7016), with w

Mini-Extractor Hoods


Erlab™ Captair Smart Ductless Filtering Fume Hood

Simple to use. Erlab Captair Smart Ductless Filtering Fume Hood unique Flex filtration can manage most lab applications. CAPTAIR SMART 391

Thermo Scientific™ MSC-Advantage™ Class II Biological Safety Cabinets

Armadi per il risparmio energetico che combinano design intelligente e valore straordinario grazie a caratteristiche eccezionali di efficienza energetica, affidabilità e praticità d'uso. PSM ADVANTAGE 1.8 CERTIFIEE EN

Labconco™ Protector™ Fiberglass Controlled Atmosphere Glove Box w/2 Ports

The two ports of the Labconco Protector™ Fiberglass Controlled Atmosphere Glove Box provides a leak-tight environment for work with contamination sensitive materials. PROTECTOR FIBERGLASS GLOVE BOX

Angelantoni Industrie™ SterilSafe 48 Vertical Laminar Flow Biohazard Cabinet

Class II vertical laminar flow biohazard cabinet with dual motors. Angelantoni Industrie™ SterilSafe 48 Vertical Laminar Flow Biohazard Cabinet features automatic airflow adjustment. MSC STERILSAFE48 120CM

Angelantoni Industrie™ Gemini Class 100 Vertical Laminar Flow Hood

Ideal vertical laminar flow hood for laboratories working in microbiology and molecular biology. Angelantoni Industrie™ Gemini Class 100 Vertical Laminar Flow Hood features a working tray and back panel of stainless steel. CAPPA 75CM A RICICLAGGIO GEMINI

Bel-Art™ SP Scienceware™ Glove Box Accessory, Iris Port Entry

SP Scienceware™ Bare Hand Entry (Iris) Port allows bare hnd entry and operation. KIT 2 IRIS

Angelantoni Industrie™ VBH 48 C2 Compact Cabinet

Compact microbiological safety cabinet with a stainles steel work chamber and spillage tray. Angelantoni Industrie™ VBH 48 C2 Compact Cabinet features real-time, mircoprocessor-controlled parameters. MSC AIRSTER 20 VBH48C2 120CM

FTM Technologies™ HI5VP Extraction Booths

Used for filtration needs where a channelled space is needed. FTM Technologies™ HI5VP Extraction Booths have shaped, shatterproof glass measuring 6mm thick. CAPPA CABINA IN VETRO 600 M3/H

Plas Labs™ La Petite Glove Box

Economical glove box, just two-thirds the size of the standard glove box. Plas Labs™ La Petite Glove Box top and bottom are sealed using a revolutionary new gel. GLOVE BOX 'LA PETITE'

Bel-Art™ SP Scienceware™ Bench-Top Fume Hood

Designed for small facilities or installations in which a number of fume hoods are needed. Bel-Art™ SP Scienceware™ Bench-Top Fume Hood is ideal for use in academic settings including schools, junior colleges and universities. CAMERA PORTATILE 56CM

Bel-Art™ SP Scienceware™ Techni-Dome™ 360 Glove Chamber

SP Scienceware™ Techni-Dome™ 360 Glove Chamber offers generous interior workspace with a small footprint that preserves benchtop space. Techni-Dome 360 Glove Chamber, 22x22", 65L

Bel-Art™ SP Scienceware™ Portable Glove Box System

The operator and the external environment are protected with the SP Scienceware™ Portable Glove Box System, a lightweight, self-contained portable isolation cabinet. Glove box portable acrylic 686mm (w) x 330mm (d)x 559mm (h) Scienceware, 1/Cs, MA: TBD

Thermo Scientific™ Armadi di sicurezza Biologica Safe 2020 di Classe II

Protezione dei campioni nei laboratori di ricerca, laboratori farmaceutici di controllo qualità, farmacie e cliniche con i banchi di lavoro di sicurezza biologica Safe 2020 di Classe II. Safe 2020 1.8 width 1900, internal width 1800weight 340kg, 230V, 50Hz

Thermo Scientific™ Piedistallo da banco Heraguard™ ECO Clean

I banchi ECO Clean Heraguard™ Thermo Scientific™ sono disponibili con piedistallo fisso oppure regolabile manualmente o elettronicamente. SUPPORTO 750MM SAFE 2020 90CM

ASECOS™ VBF.60.89.5-S Model Underbench Cabinet


UVP Euro-plug UV2 PCR Workstation

Use these PCR systems for PCR preparation and amplification and microbial research. UVP™ UV2 PCR Workstations bring together UV irradiation and antimicrobial metal surfaces to create a dual-attack environment against PCR contamination. UV/AIR PCR CABINET 737MM WIDTH

Thermo Scientific™ Heraguard™ ECO Clean Bench Accessories

Integrate Thermo Scientific™ Heraguard™ ECO Clean Bench Accessories with the ECO clean bench to increase the flexibility and enhance operations. UV-resistant Night Cover for HERAguard ECO 1.5UV-resistant

Thermo Scientific™ Maxisafe 2020 Class II Biological Safety Cabinets

Combine robust construction and excellent ergonomic design with significantly more effective air filtration than regular class II biological safety cabinets. PSM 3 FILTRES 120CM MAXISAFE 2020

Erlab™ Captair™ Flow 483 Series Laminar Flow Hood

Providing an ultra-clean and dust-free work area for applications such as non-pathogenic cell cultures, In-vitro cultures, microbiology, homeopathic preparations, electronics and optics. FUME HOOD SAMPLE PROTECTION FLOW483

Erlab™ Filtri con cappa di aspirazione senza condotto mobili Captair™

Per la protezione personale nella manipolazione di sostanze chimiche liquide, gassose e solide. I filtri mobili per cappa di aspirazione senza condotto Erlab™ Captair™ consentono di filtrare vapori organici, acidi, di formaldeide e ammoniaca oltre che polveri fini. FILTER MOLECULAR GF 4 AS

Erlab™ Captair™ Smart 714 Ductless Fume Hood

Designed with advanced carbon filtration to minimize chemical exposure. CAPTAIR SMART 714 2C+FILTER GF4/BE

Asecos™ UB-T-90 Safety Storage Underbench Cabinet

For unrestricted storage of flammable hazardous materials in work areas. Safety storage underbench cabinet UB-T-90 model UB90.060.089.2T in light grey (RAL 7035)

FTM Technologies™ Protection Prefilters

For the filtration of dust and fine particles in the laboratory. FTM Technologies™ Protection Prefilters are for use with fume hoods. X10 PREFILTRO PER 27919 & 27957

Justrite™ Sure-Grip™ EX Corrosives/Acid Steel Safety Cabinet

Protect your work environment with a Justrite Sure-Grip EX Cabinet. Made from 18-gauge steel construction with heat-fused powder coating, this cabinet is perfect for storing corrosives and acids. ARMADIO ACIDO/BASE 380 L MANUALE

UVP Workstation UK-plug UV2 PCR

Use these PCR systems for PCR Preparation and Amplification and microbial research. UVP™ UV2 PCR Workstations bring together UV irradiation and antimicrobial metal surfaces to create a dual-attack environment against PCR contamination. PCR workstation UVP UV2 ultraviolet sterilising(chamber and built in UV/air recirculator) 230V

Thermo Scientific™ Herasafe™ KS Options and Accessories

Worksurfaces, exhaust transitions and baskets KAML180 LOWERED WORK SURFACEbreit (Edelstahl AlSi 316)

Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Versi-Dry™ Surface Protectors

Quickly absorb spills and cushion breakable labware with these surface protectors. The polyethylene backing protects the benchtop from the harshest of chemicals. X2 ROTOLO 45M VERSIDRY BIANCO 0,5