Heraeus™ High Form Platinum Crucible

Use for various fusion or melting processes in the analytical lab. Heraeus™ High Form Platinum Crucible is a range of containers with good resistance to aggressive media and stability even at high temperatures. Crucibles use a dispersion hardened allot for increased strength and service times. PLATINUM CRUCIBLEHIGH FORM 50 ML

Haldenwanger™ Crogioli per fusione in porcellana con profilo medio-alto

Use these dishes for a variety of applications. Haldenwanger™ Medium High Form Melting Porcelain Crucibles feature a smooth internal finish, constructed from optimized laboratory porcelain. CRUCIBLE PORCELAIN MEDIUM FORM DIN 12904 D 87 MM

Fisherbrand™ High-Form Porcelain Crucibles

Resistono fino a una temperature di 1150 °C (2102 °F) X6 CRUCIBLE HIGH FORM PORCELAIN 1.3ML

Porcelaines Avignon™ Capsula con beccuccio a fondo piatto

Use this type of Porcelaines Avignon™ Porcelain Capsule lFlat Bottom with Spout in laboratories spanning from educational institutions to scientific development and industrial research.. X6 CAPSULA PORCELLANA 100ML PIATT

Helios Italquartz™ Crogioli in vetro Helios Italquartz™

Excellent for storage of samples in the laboratory. Helios Italquartz™ Quartz Crucibles offer good thermal shock resistance up to 1000°C. CROGIOLO FORMA BASSA QUARZO 25 ML

Haldenwanger™ Porcelain Gooch Crucibles


Alfa Aesar™ Tammann Al-23 Crucibles

Al-23 Crucible, Tammann,Height x OD x ID (mm), 280 x 68 x 58,Volume (ml), 790,Tammann #, IIIc 1piec

Alfa Aesar™ Straight Wall Nickel Crucible

Straight Wall Nickel Crucible,Cap (ml), 100,Outside Dia (mm), 59,Depth (mm), 45 1each

Alfa Aesar™ Cylindrical Al-23 Crucibles

Al-23 Crucible, Cylindrical, Flat Base,Height x OD x ID (mm), 150 x 85 73,Vol (ml), 600 1piece

Alfa Aesar™ Straight Wall Zirconium Crucible

Straight Wall Zirconium Crucible,Cap (ml), 5,Outside Dia (mm), 21,Depth (mm), 18 1each

Alfa Aesar™ Nickel Cover for Crucible

Nickel Cover for Crucible 35906, 20ml 1each

Alfa Aesar™ Zirconium Crucible

Zirconium Crucible, with Flanged Rim,Top Dia (mm), 39,Bottom Dia (mm), 29,Height (mm), 33,Ring/Rim O

Fisherbrand™ PTFE Crucibles

Guaranteed inert and crack-free. Fisherbrand™ PTFE Crucibles can be used up to 280°C. CROGIOLO PTFE 25ML PARETE 2MM

Alfa Aesar™ Inconel Cover for Crucible

Inconel Cover for Crucible 36033, 1000ml 1each

Alfa Aesar™ Zirconium Cover for Crucible

Zirconium Cover for Crucible 36070, 55ml 1each

Fisherbrand™ Porcelain Crucible Covers

For use with Fisherbrand High- and Wide-Form Porcelain Crucibles X6 CRUCIBLE LID PORCELAIN 38MM

Alfa Aesar™ Low Form Inconel Crucible

Low Form Inconel Crucible,Cap (ml), 15,Top Dia (mm), 33,Bottom Dia (mm), 25,Depth (mm), 23 1each

Alfa Aesar™ Cylindrical Al-25 Crucibles

Al-25 Crucible, Cylindrical, Flat Base,Height x OD x ID (mm), 160 x 145 x 125,Vol (ml), 1760 1piece

Alfa Aesar™ Yttria Stabilized Zirconium Oxide Conical Crucibles, High Form

Zirconium oxide, Yttria stabilized, crucible, conical, high form,Ht(mm), 90,Top OD(mm), 77,Base OD(m

Alfa Aesar™ Graphite Fusion Crucible

Manufactured from graphite materials that provide exceptional thermal uniformity and exactness to dimensional specifications. X15 Graphite, Fusion Crucible, tapered, unpurified, volume 33.27cc 15pc

Alfa Aesar™ Straight Wall Inconel Crucible

Straight Wall Inconel Crucible,Cap (ml), 45,Outside Dia (mm), 46,Depth (mm), 34 1each

Heraeus™ Platinum Crucible


Alfa Aesar™ POCO Electron Beam Crucible, 99.995%

POCO Electron Beam Crucible, 99.995%,Cap(ml),0.32,Top OD(mm),14.22,Ht(mm),9.75,Wall Thickness(mm),2.

Alfa Aesar™ Yttria Stabilized Zirconium Oxide Conical Crucibles, Low Form

Zirconium oxide, Yttria stabilized, crucible, conical, low form,Ht(mm), 69,Top OD(mm), 88,Base OD(mm

Fisherbrand™ Wide-Form Porcelain Crucibles

Withstand temperatures up to 1150°C (2102°F) X6 CRUCIBLE WIDE FORM PORCELAIN 8ML

Alfa Aesar™ Zirconium Oxide Round Bottom Crucibles, High Form

Zirconium oxide, Yttria stabilized, crucible, round bottom, high form,Ht(mm),34,Top OD(mm),30,Base O

Alfa Aesar™ Low Form Zirconium Crucible

Low Form Zirconium Crucible,Cap (ml), 25,Top Dia (mm), 45,Bottom Dia (mm), 38,Depth (mm), 23 1each

Alfa Aesar™ Cylindrical Al-24 Crucibles

Al-24 Crucible, Cylindrical, Flat Base,Height x OD x ID (mm), 40 x 30 x 26,Vol (ml), 20 1piece

Alfa Aesar™ POCO Hearth Shield, 99.995%

POCO Hearth Shield, 99.995%, For Use With Crucibles, 38682 & 38683 1each

Alfa Aesar™ Low Form Nickel Crucible

Low Form Nickel Crucible,Cap (ml), 100,Top Dia (mm), 59,Bottom Dia (mm), 50,Depth (mm), 46 1each