Forniture di pulizia

Micronova™ Dispenser automatico e saponi

Combines touch-free dispensing with no-hassle installation and easy change out of bottles 500 ML Cleanser, Hy-G-Clenz anti-bacterial lotionsoap, blend of .3% Triclosan and natural emollient

Gosselin™ Secchio in polipropilene con coperchio e maniglia Gosselin™

Eccellenti per la conservazione generica in laboratorio. I secchi con manico Gosselin™ in polipropilene sono realizzati in plastica polipropilenica di colore bianco. X10 SECCHIO BIANCO 16L 307XH332MM

Garcin™ Detergente disinfettante Garcin™ Bactinyl

Use Garcin™ Bactinyl Disinfectant Detergent as a janitorial cleaner and disinfectant. Its active substances include peroxides, quaternary ammoniums and ethanol. BACTINYL 5L PRONTO ALL'USO

Cole-Parmer™ Soluzione detergente Micro-Ninety™

Use this concentrated cleaning solution for critical applications. Cole-Parmer™ Micro-Ninety™ Cleaning Solution cleans glass, most metals, plastic, rubber, fabric and is safe for all ultrasonic cleaners. X12 Micro-90 Cleaning Solution 1L

Bel-Art™ Pastiglie deodoranti per autoclave SP Scienceware™ OdoClave™

Neutralize autoclave odors with a pleasant fragrance X100 AUTOCLAVE DEODORANT PADS ODO CLAVE,CHERRY(PACK OF 100)

Micronova™ Spugne PolyMesh™

Break down tough soils Sponge controlled environment, to be used where

Cole-Parmer™ HDPE Stackable Pail


ITW Chemische Produkte™ Mop cover replacement for mop system 2 inner packs of 50 covers AlphaMop

X100 MOP COVER ALPHAMOP REPLACEMENT FOR MOP SYSTEM2 inner packs of 50 covers (pack of 100)

Cole-Parmer™ Soluzione detergente Micro-Ninety™

Use this concentrated cleaning solution for critical applications. Cole-Parmer™ Micro-Ninety™ Cleaning Solution cleans glass, most metals, plastic, rubber, fabric and is safe for all ultrasonic cleaners. MICRO-90 CLEANING SOLUTION 1 LITER

Cole-Parmer™ Stainless Steel Pail


Texwipe™ BetaMop™ II

Low contamination properties make this the perfect mop for floor cleaning in critical environments X6 MOP HEAD CLEANROOM REPLACEMENT REFILL TUBULARknit polyester (pack of 6)

ITW Chemische Produkte™ Mini AlphaMop™ AlphaWipe™ Replacement Mop Covers

Designed for use with the AlphaMop™ Isolator Cleaning Tool. Mini AlphaMop™ AlphaWipe™ Replacement Mop Covers are double bagged and are made of AlphaWipe™ polyester for effective cleaning with low contamination. X150 AlphaWipe® Mini Mop Covers Replacement Covers For TX7101 And TX7104

Fisherbrand™ Pompetta Dust'It™

Potente pompetta a bulbo per spazzare via polveri, pelucchi e sporcizia con getti mirati di aria ad alta pressione. X3 DUST'IT BLOWER

ITW Chemische Produkte™ Mop Head Replacement

X150 MOP HEAD ALPHAMOP REPLACEMENT, WITH FOAMpads for mop system polyester 6 inner packs of 25

Brady™ BMP71 Label Printer Accessory: Cleaning Kit

Cleaning Kit for use with the BMP Label Printer. CLEANING KIT FOR BMP71

BRAND™ Polypropylene Bucket

Reinforced rim and handle offer sturdy control. Spout provides easy pouring and prevents spilling. Bucket, PP, without lid, with spout12 l h. 300mm reinforced rim and handle

BD Cleaning Stylus

Cleaning Stylus


Eliminate unwanted smells and odors. KIMBERLY-CLARK PROFESSIONAL™ RHAPSODIE Fragrance Aircare Refills are enriched with smooth, citrus notes promoting a pleasant washroom environment. X6 RHAPSODIE AIR CARE REFILL/REGU

Brady™ Thermal Transfer Printer Cleaning Kit

Prolong printer life and improve quality. The Brady™ Thermal Transfer Printer Cleaning Kit combats the dust and dirt that naturally gathers on printer heads. X4 PRINTER CLEANING PEN KIT


In polietilene ad alta densità. BRAND™ I cestelli in HDPE includono una maniglia e segni di graduazione. Senza beccuccio. Coperchio a pressione disponibile come acquisto separato. Bucket, PE-HD, without lid and spout5 l h. 240mm w. graduation and handle

Azlon™ Spouted HDPE Bucket

Spouted HDPE buckets for easy pouring and with moulded graduations WHITE 10L SPOUTED BUCKET

Azlon™ Square Shaped HDPE Bucket

Square shaped buckets suitable for food contact applications in accordance with EU regulations Bucket square with moulded graduations polyethylene handle grip for easy lifting white 14L

Azlon™ Lid for Square Shaped HDPE Bucket

For use with square shaped HDPE bucket LID FOR BUCKET BWX116

GE Healthcare Triangular Sponge for Ettan DALTtwelve Gel Caster

Accessory for use with Ettan DALTtwelve Gel Caster. X8 FUNNEL DALT TW. CAST SPNG (PACK OF 8)

Bel-Art™ SP Scienceware™ Blow-Hard™ O.S. Extra™ Dust Removing Spray

Fast and easy cleaning for hard-to-reach areas BLOW-HARD,O.S.EXTRA,DUST REMOVER

Nickel Electro™ Coperchio in acciaio inox per secchio

Struttura in acciaio inox di alta qualità. Il coperchio in acciaio inox Nickel Electro™ è compatibile con secchi da 8 l. Bucket lid stainless steel for8L bucket (Fisher

Micronova™ MegaSwat™ Cleaning Tool: MegaSwat Adapters

Perfect for cleaning around heavy process equipment or calibrated apparatus Mop adapter controlled environment, HDPE, 203mm

Buerkle™ Secchi multiuso

Secchi per conservazione, trasporto, decantazione e miscelazione. I secchi multiuso Buerkle™ dispongono di un ampio beccuccio per uno svuotamento sicuro e un manico robusto. SECCHIO POLIPROPILENE 12L

Micronova™ Squeegee Controlled Environment

Squeegee controlled environment, ACME threaded

Micronova™ RollerTool™ Covers